Progressives just can’t seem to win

To the editor:

Progressives have lost five out of five special elections and now lose elections when there isn’t one to lose — West Virginia’s governor has switched to the Republican Party. They try to bring themselves up by bringing others down with falsehoods, lies, innuendos, bullying, stopping debate, rioting and destroying property,

A progressive is a person whose rigid ideology dictates what other people are allowed to think and say. Progressives claim to be multicultural, but when I or President Trump incorporate Spanish words such as amigo and hombre in our narrative they call us racists. Hypocrites.

I was in a check-out line a few weeks back when a college-age male and female standing behind me said, loud enough for me to hear, “Why do these veterans wear hats showing off their service?” I asked who they voted for. (Guess who.) I said to them we do it to recognize millions of other veterans who sacrificed their lives, health and years to protect the freedom that allows you two to say stupid things. All they offered were dumb stares and silence in response. These idiots are America’s future. Shameful. I still oppose abortion.

Kathy Antinone’s essay of July 9 reveals the frustration and vexation of progressive thinking, or lack thereof (“Many reasons to become active in the voting process.”) She states “… voting suppression comes in many forms.” But she fails to identify any. She states Oregon passed a law allowing voter registration through vehicle registration. Stupid. Think this through. An illegal alien who buys a car can now vote. But they need identification to get a library card — you have to protect those books.

Obama said elections have consequences. Progressives lost state governorships, legislatures, judgeships and, hence, the right to modify election districts. She’s upset about gerrymandering and wants both parties to stop it. You know why? Because progressives are not in power — if they were, her argument would include points why gerrymandering is good. She writes “prominent Republicans” are for ending gerrymandering. Please, list them and give reasons why. I bet you can’t.

Progressives are still moaning about Justice Neil Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation. It’s not fair, you need 60 votes to confirm, they wail. But it was fine when Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., declared simple majority the new rule — now it comes back to bite them where there brains are, and they don’t like it. Typical progressive hypocrisy.

The argument concerning government gathering voters’ information like date of birth, name and address, party affiliation, last four digits of Social Security number, etc., is a good way to encourage voters (especially illegal aliens), who may not wish the government — including the general public — to have this information, to feel upset. Thanks — it’s a great argument for gun owners to use to resist the same type of scrutiny, but I’m sure progressives don’t see the hypocrisy in their so-called logic. The biggest heartache of progressive college graduates is they spent between four and six years studying gender issues and no one will hire them.

Barry Bardone