The real world can be complex


As President Joe Biden spoke before the United Nations General Assembly last week, he had a lot on his mind. From a pandemic to human rights and social justice issues, from climate change to the end of a 20-year war, Biden talked about the world being at an “inflection point in ...

Know symptoms of prostate cancer


Prostate cancer is an ugly term to American men. That’s because the disease is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men, and it’s the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men, trailing only lung cancer. Long labeled the silent killer, prostate cancer often develops in men without ...

Unplanned makes the planned sweeter yet

Local Columns

The unplanned and the unexpected often make the planned and the expected sweeter yet, better still. Case in point. Monday, Sept. 20, brought the Great American Relay through the area with several legs of the 3,500-mile coast-to-coast run from Boston to Santa Monica, Calif., involving seven ...

Grants a boon to our region


Good news has come to the Steubenville area during the last 10 days or so in the form of a couple of grants issued through the Appalachian Regional Commission. On Sept. 15, officials learned the city would be receiving $250,000 from the commission that will go toward the long-anticipated West ...

When will we ever learn?

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: The Democrat’s favorite clueless bullhorn from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s message on the back of her gown at the luxurious $30,000 a ticket Met Gala resonates with cheer among the ignorant left. How stupid can they get? Let me remind you what happened in 1986. ...

Reflecting on a busy week

Local Columns

When you’ve been forced to go through an 18-month period where there have been precious few opportunities to participate in community events, a five-day period like the one experienced last week indicates that maybe we are slowly working ourselves back into being more fully able to enjoy ...