Working hard to stop trafficking


For three years now, Ohio law enforcement agencies have teamed up to conduct human-trafficking stings. But this year’s effort turned out to be the largest in state history — Operation Ohio Knows. State Attorney General Dave Yost said 51 potential human-trafficking victims were helped, ...

You can help process work


Though it may be sneaking up on some of us, the fact remains Ohio has an election coming up Nov. 2. It might not carry the same wow factor as last year’s election, but in many ways it is more important, as it will decide significant races at the community and state level. There is a ...

Breast cancer numbers sobering


It’s October, a time when the color pink is prevalent in our communities, making us aware it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And the statistics still hold true, as one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, according to medical experts. But did you know ...

It’s the same sad story, from warm to cold

Local Columns

It’s the same sad story. Summer doesn’t last forever, but this October surely has been offering one beautiful bonus day after another. Last Saturday morning, I had almost convinced myself to take advantage of the optimum weather conditions to trim back some flowers and put away the ...

Plagiarism charge must be addressed


Let’s tackle this first: In no way is the head of the human resources department at West Liberty University — who herself is a member of President W. Franklin Evans’ cabinet, making Evans her direct supervisor — equipped and able to handle accusations of plagiarism against ...

Genetic research, COVID-19 and more

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: It is not that science cannot be trusted in its search for new frontiers, because rightly and justifiably, there always will be a new frontier to be explored for the good of humanity and science itself. The problem, from Germany’s attempt at creating a blonde-haired, ...