There’s a better way to handle disputes


During this month’s regular Weirton Council meeting, during an announcement by former City Manager Joe DiBartolomeo that he was leaving the post and having an investigation conducted on certain decisions by the city’s elected officials, six of the seven members of council opted to walk out. ...

Health screenings remain important


As guidelines for stemming the spread of COVID-19 were handed down last year, one of the first steps hospitals and clinics took was to reduce the number of in-person visits and elective procedures. For many, that included tests and screenings — and frankly, plenty of patients were grateful ...

Nursing home staffing tricky


We know how difficult the past 18 months have been, particularly for those working in assisted living facilities. It is no wonder, then, they are facing staffing shortages to the point of families complaining it has affected care of their loved ones. “The top complaints we get are really ...

We need to keep decisions local


Ohio Senate Bill 209 is another in a long string of bizarre attempts by state lawmakers to insert control at the local level, where it does not belong. SB209 would prohibit schools from requiring anyone — teacher or student — to wear a mask in a public education setting. It would also stop ...

What used to glow falls victim to mowing

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When I walked in the kitchen, I knew Better Half had been doing yard work in general, weed-whacking in particular. The evidence was on the kitchen island. No — not grass clippings or weeds and thankfully not the weed-whacker itself. But there were three little pitiful-looking displaced ...

OVAC game means football is returning


If you’re a fan of high school football, Saturday will certainly serve as a preview of what’s coming in just a few weeks. When the top graduated seniors from Ohio take on their counterparts from West Virginia in the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference’s Rudy Mumley All-Star Football Game, ...