More questions about Biden

To the editor:

There is wailing and gnashing of teeth from Dumbocrats on Roe v. Wade overturn. So what? I tell them what they told me 49 years ago: “Shut up. Live with it.”

Imbecile President Joe Biden said the “Second Amendment, like all other rights is not absolute.” Then neither is Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court ruled it is OK to pray before and after public school sports and knocked down NYC conceal weapon restriction. The New York Supreme Court overturned the city’s non-citizen right to vote.

Local gas to $4.79. It’s still $2.60 more since Democrats took control. Eighty-three percent of Americans describe the state of economy as poor. On June 6 Biden said, “… thanks to my economic plan … America has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history.” He’s an idiot.

Name one Democrat running for office who is seeking Biden/Harris endorsements.

Biden wants to disarm you, yet praise guns given to Ukrainians to defend themselves from government oppression. If Democrats are committed to alleviate the Second Amendment, then all gun-owning members should turn in your guns now.

Biden has not acknowledged D-Day in two years. Veterans remember this.

You’re a Democrat if you believe your degree in gender studies was worth it, think others who couldn’t afford college should pay for your schooling, erase school debt — but not for trade schools because those people can get jobs and pay it off themselves; there’s a photo of Dr. Anthony Fauci on your phone; you don’t understand that illegal aliens are fleeing socialist systems Democrats wish to implement here; avoid thinking about China’s child, slave labor producing your car’s lithium batteries and LeBron’s sneakers; you wait until your child is 15 to hold a gender reveal party; don’t mind if your child’s first-grade teacher explains their sexual preferences; and believe others are responsible for your health, happiness and safety.

Bishop Fulton Sheen 50 years ago said, (and it seems apropos today), “The modern tendency is toward the affirmation of the ego, the exaltation of selfishness, riding roughshod over others in order to satisfy our own self-centeredness. It certainly has not produced much happiness, for the more the ego asserts itself, the more miserable it becomes.”

If you don’t take an interest in your government, then you are doomed to live under Democrat fools.

Biden is diverting billions of tons of corn to make ethanol for cars. He wants enough for 20 billion gallons. It takes 22 pounds to make one gallon. This means less feed for cattle, hogs, chicken (eggs), cereal, ergo less food and higher prices. Biden said eat grasshoppers, grubs and meal-worms to help the environment and the economy.

Donald Trump is the MAGA lion king. Biden is the mega-lying king.

The difference between women and birthing persons? Women are created by God, birthing persons by idiots.

Under red flag law Biden’s cronies will determine if a person is sane to own guns.

On July 4 remember what makes America great. It’s certainly not Democrats.

Barry Bardone



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