Similarities between Hitler, Democrats

To the editor:

A few weeks ago, comparisons were made between President Trump and Hitler (“Similarities between Hitler and Trump,” on Jan. 12.)

In a response, many of us feel the same way by comparing the Democratic Party and mainstream media to how the Nazi Party influenced the German citizens with biased propaganda. It’s true that Hitler disliked the media prior to taking charge. In 1932, he planned and eventually did appoint Joseph Goebbles in a position to control media, schools, universities and film. The mainstream media is definitely used as a tool to promote the Democratic party as well as their issues in the same manner.

They have been beating on President Trump since before the 2016 election. This is a fact, and it cannot be denied that they ridiculed him from the beginning. Anyone with a little computer ability can go back and review how mainstream newscasters labeled him, and continue doing so. They even go as far as insulting the voters who elected him — they consider this a form of inclusion I guess. If any person, including their family was attacked and insulted the way he has, they also would be defensive and would defend themselves. Trump has never gotten a fair shake from the beginning.

I hear and also have read that some liberals believe that Fox News should be shut down. This is the only network that is more in line with the conservatives. Just for the record, once you eliminate the voices of all of your opponents, you totally control how people think — ie, Goebbles’ Nazi propaganda.

Trump has earned the right to distrust those who were in control of the FBI. Information has come out for some time that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for a made-up dossier that was created by Chris Steele, who now has admitted to this fact. This was the true obstruction, trying to link a newly elected president with Russian interference. Former FBI Director Jim Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did not maintain a neutral stance in their positions as required. They followed up on the dossier without verification and then began to investigate, to prove Trump was involved in Russian interference.

Once again, you won’t hear this on the mainstream media. They protect members of the Democratic Party and those with them. All of this information has been coming out, but the mainstream media twists and denies the reports to make their argument. But once again, when this president verbally denounces corrupt members of law, he is considered out of line. Anyone in that situation would be defensive and therefore would earn the right to speak out about their accusers.

Trump does not want to keep immigrants out — it’s the mainstream media twist once again. He wants immigrants to enter our country in a way that they can be accounted for. More on this, but I can’t possibly dispute everything written about Trump being compared to Hitler in one letter. Stay tuned.

Louis Vella

Mingo Junction


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