Mandatory recycling would be a help

To the editor:

During the past couple of weeks there has been lots of talk about the landfill possibly reopening. While many people are upset about the thought of out-of-state garbage being hauled here, I haven’t heard much in the way of what we as residents of Jefferson County could do to reduce our own need for a new landfill.

I have recycled for many years, plastics, aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard whatever can be recycled is taken to the JB Green Team drop-off at Kroger in Wintersville. It has reduced my weekly garbage down to about two bags a week, three if we have visitors or a holiday.

If every city, village and township instituted mandatory recycling., we could improve the air, water and soil and reduce the amount of solid waste to be sent to the landfill. Estimates are that each person in the country creates about 4.5 pounds of garbage a day. Everything that you can recycle or up-cycle will reduce the waste that would wind up buried in a landfill polluting our environment. Recycling is not hard, but it could be made easier and more palatable for some who think it’s a waste of time. It takes all of us working together to find these solutions, but it would be time we’ll spent.

I’m glad to see people speaking out against the landfill; however, it’s sad that these folks didn’t seem too concerned about the safety of our environment until it was going to negatively affect them personally. We should care about the environment and do our best to protect it, not only in our neck of the woods but globally. We should be good stewards of our planet because it’s the only one we have, there is no planet B!

Patricia Dickey