What used to glow falls victim to mowing

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When I walked in the kitchen, I knew Better Half had been doing yard work in general, weed-whacking in particular. The evidence was on the kitchen island. No — not grass clippings or weeds and thankfully not the weed-whacker itself. But there were three little pitiful-looking displaced ...

OVAC game means football is returning


If you’re a fan of high school football, Saturday will certainly serve as a preview of what’s coming in just a few weeks. When the top graduated seniors from Ohio take on their counterparts from West Virginia in the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference’s Rudy Mumley All-Star Football Game, ...

Don’t let lies taint your heart

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Every day, hour after hour, I see headlines spewed across the news about how different the races are. How one race thinks that it is better, or one thinks that all others are against them and out to get them. Let me tell you, no race is better or worse than the other. After ...

Speakers show courage

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It takes a lot of strength and courage and support from your family and friends to have played in the National Hockey League for 16 years. Same with Stage 3 colon cancer. Eddie Olczyk has experienced both, and he will be sharing the lessons he has learned along the way on Sept. 22, when he ...

Things to think about

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Dr. Martin Luther King, the I-had-a-dream man that all men would live in peace and made forgiveness a virtue, remembrance a vice. No more violence, white on Black or Black on white, hatred omitted from everyday life. Two children playing, Black or white, what do they ...

History in the Hills: WSX Bulletin treasures

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The Visitor Center at Historic Fort Steuben doubles as the headquarters of the Steubenville and Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau. And that means we have a lot of visitors from all over the country who stop and visit us from hither and yon. After talking to visitors for a ...