Democrats want government to help

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: At this writing, COVID-19, worldwide, has infected 34,086,857, 1,016,604 have died, there are 7,740,598 active cases, 66,037 serious cases and 25,329,655 have recovered. This deadly pandemic has killed fewer people than car accidents, taking literally a year to do it. For ...

It’s time to take the country back

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Halloween is just around the corner and we are all living in a horror show now. Tuesday night’s debate, or debacle to some, was history-making live television. Donald Trump continued to demonstrate his bullying, lack of decorum and flagrant disregard for debate rules. ...

Enjoy area events, but put safety first


For more than seven months, we have been reporting on many events across the region that have been forced to close down for the year in response to restrictions and regulations that have been put into place to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. There are some events, though, that ...

Our stars continue to shine brightly


The common thread that connects each of this year’s Community Stars is easy to spot — they all do the right thing for their friends, their neighbors and their communities not because they seek the spotlight, but simply because it is the right thing to do. Those unselfish efforts again are ...

Guest column/Hope: Always the foundation for recovery

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Hope is the foundation for recovery. When you sit down to read about the road to reliable resources for addiction and recovery, you begin to pick up terms and phrases that describe other chronic illnesses. Recovery. Remission. Relapse. Resilience. Hope. Recovery is the process of change ...