Veteran Toronto officer assumes new role as chief

NEW ROLE — Charley Daniels, a member of the Toronto Police Department for 20 years, was administered oaths of office Friday as its new chief. On hand for the ceremony were, from left: Daniels’ father, Jack, a former Toronto police officer who pinned on his son’s badge; Daniels; Mayor John Parker, who appointed Daniels and administered the oaths; and Randy Henry, who has retired as the city’s police chief. -- Warren Scott

TORONTO — The city’s new police chief is no stranger to residents, having grown up there and served in its police department for 20 years.

On Friday Charley Daniels was administered oaths of office by Mayor John Parker, who appointed him to the office, and Daniels’ father, Jack, pinned on his new badge.

Charley said his father, an officer in the Toronto department for 30 years, inspired him to go into law enforcement and was fortunate to have worked with him for a while.

Prior to being hired for the Toronto department, he was a Steubenville police officer for three years.

Asked what he likes most about the field, Daniels said, “Just being out and talking to citizens, hearing their concerns and being able to make a difference.”

He thanked former police chief Randy Henry, who recently retired after 41 years in the department and 10 as chief, for helping to prepare him for his new role.

“Randy has been really great throughout this transition,” Daniels said.

He added he has great confidence in his current staff.

“We have a great group of officers who go above and beyond on a daily basis. I’m really coming into a privileged situation,” Daniels said.


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