Toy and train museum celebrates 20 years

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS — Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum gift shop Manager Lynn Maguire looks over one of the interactive exhibits at the facility, which marked its 20th anniversary recently.


Staff writer

WHEELING — The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum showcased a newly revised doll room and offered a build-your-own-dollhouse event for its 20th-anniversary celebration, which took place recently.

Gift shop Manager Lynn Maguire believes the museum is great for children and their parents to not only have fun, but to look back on happy memories.

“We have interactive things for the kids, but we also have things that are in the cases that span many decades, so adults can reminisce about their childhood. While the kids are playing, the parents can look and take in everything,” she said.

A popular attraction with children is the K-Land room, which offers a K’Nex amusement park that is made from more than 250,000 individual pieces. This room has more than 8,000 LED lights placed throughout to give the attraction night and day effects.

Historical games, toys and trains date back more than 100 years and include items from each decade in the 1900s. The museum also has a resident pet cat named Lou, who welcomes guests and belongs to the owner of the museum, Allan Miller.

Miller said the heart of the museum is for all children, young and old.

“We have historical significance here. God gave you something between those ears, so taking advantage of that is what this place is all about,” Miller said.

The items he has collected over the years have grown exponentially and the new doll room is no exception.

“The collection is massive and we wanted to share it. All of these dolls are unique and special, and everything in this place has a deep history,” Miller said. “We have things for the kids to do pretty much in every room. This dollhouse is an exhibit for children to play with and will be fully furnished. Needless to say, we are very excited about having something like this in Wheeling.”