Prospects for hopeful future

To the editor:

As Joseph Robinette Biden II has recently been declared the 46th president-elect of our great country, following his victory in the presidential general election over current President Donald J. Trump, as well as his winning of the Democratic presidential primary election earlier in the year over more than 20 candidates, including Sen. Kamala Harris, who is now vice president-elect in the Biden administration, I would like to respectfully reflect on the historical significance of the election and share a sense of optimism I now feel for the nation’s future.

Former Vice President Biden, who was born in Scranton, Pa., to working-class Irish-Catholic parents (the first such president elected since the iconic John F. Kennedy in 1960), had served in the U.S. Senate representing the state of Delaware from January 1973 until his resignation from the Senate in order to assume the role of vice president in the administration of President Barack Obama in January 2008.

When Biden had first begun serving in the U.S. Senate, shortly after his 30th birthday, he was the sixth-youngest person ever elected in the Senate, and during his 35 years as a member of that august body, winning seven elections while serving seven U.S. presidents, President-elect Biden was quite productive, sponsoring 1,071 pieces of legislation, and highly respected for his willingness to work with, and be respectful of, his political legislative adversaries.

In addition, Biden earned a reputation as one of the hardest-working, influential and most productive vice presidents in U.S. history, receiving considerable praise from President Obama, as well as legislators of both political parties.

Vice President-elect Harris, who obviously is very intelligent and highly respected, was elected to the U.S. Senate to fill the seat held by the iconic Barbara Boxer in California and will be the first female, first African-American and first Asian-American vice president in our nation’s storied history. I feel she definitely has the potential to be an excellent vice president in the Biden administration.

Also, I am convinced that President-elect Biden will appoint only the best-qualified individuals to key positions in his administration, and that he will prioritize the needs of our nation over any personal ambitions he might have at all times.

I also am certain that combating COVID-19, which has largely been denied and ignored by our current president with disastrous results, will be the top priority of the Biden administration and, hopefully, this horrific epoch in American, as well as world, history will be curtailed in the relatively near future.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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