Coalition continues to gather support

To the editor:

We are a group of women and men who after Trump’s election decided to take President Obama’s advice and do something to make a difference, and so became the beginning of a dream. We knew living right dab in the middle of Trump country was going to be a constant battle and so became our battle cry, “We will resist.” We have since written letters to the editor to the opinion page of the newspaper every week since inauguration in 2017.

We have marched at gay pride parades, and attended women’s rights and Black Lives Matters events. We have had community programs defending the left agenda, with facts. We hosted the first opioid round table in Jefferson County, where we had members of state and local government, drug counselors and first responders who helped shine a light on what we as a community could do to help those suffering from addiction. We have done voter registration drives all around the county since 2017.

Out of our own pocket we have contributed ham and cheese trays to all local school districts on teachers day; care packages to the immigrants and the domestic violence shelter; memorial wreaths to our Vietnam veterans; adopted a park for respect of our environment; sponsored many meet-the-candidate programs; and hosted two picnics — the first honored all veterans and the second honored the many women from all over Ohio who proudly served in all branches of the military. We helped with an appreciation dinner for Sheriff Fred Abdalla and many more events too numerous to list and planning new events all the time.

At first we were out numbered and criticized, but as the months and years passed, letters to the newspaper have grown, many from people we don’t know, our membership has grown every month and together the original group stands strong. In closing the Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Coalition from the communities of Steubenville, Mingo Junction, Bergholz, Toronto, Rayland and Wintersville proudly shout, “we are here and voting blue no matter who” in November.

Denise Galownia

Mingo Junction


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