Insurance company, Trinity seeking a solution

STEUBENVILLE — Trinity Health System physicians and Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield were at the bargaining table Monday, working on a new network agreement.

Without it, Trinity Health System Medical Group Enterprise physicians’ contract with Anthem is set to expire Sunday.

Both sides, however, were optimistic an agreement is within reach.

“Our goal has always been to come to an agreement in the best interest of our patients,” Trinity spokeswoman Laurie Labishak said Monday.

“We are very close, and we are confident this will be resolved.”

Likewise, Anthem media spokesman Jeff Blunt said “discussions are continuing and collaborative, productive discussions are continuing and progressing.”

“We remain hopeful a new contract will be reached before any disruption to our members’ care provider network (occurs),” Blunt said.

Blunt emphasized the discussions relate only to Trinity physicians and affiliated care providers, such as nurse practitioners.

The hospital itself is already under contract.

“Productive talks are under way,” he said.

While all other Trinity Health System providers, including facilities, would remain in Anthem’s network, without an agreement, Anthem would consider Trinity physician services as out-of-network, limiting patient access and choice for thousands of people in the area.


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