Truck accidents spur concern

COLLIERS — Two accidents involving large trucks and occurring just eight days apart have spurred some concerns in Brooke County. 

A truck hauling water to a natural gas wellpad overturned near the intersection of Eldersville and Morton Hill roads on April 24, and another truck containing sand overturned on Tent Church Road near Putney Ridge Road on Sunday afternoon. 

Brooke County Sheriff Rich Beatty confirmed no one was hurt in either accident and no other vehicles were involved. 

Beatty said speed was a factor in both cases, and he and his deputies are patrolling the area regularly to watch for moving violations. 

“We’ve stopped several trucks for various violations,” he said.  

Beatty said mostly warnings have been issued but the occurrence of two such accidents within a short period has led him to believe stricter measures are needed. 

“We’re just going to have to be more aggressive,” he said. 

Beatty said the two overturned trucks were involved with a natural gas well being drilled near Putney Ridge, and officials with Southwestern Energy have agreed to relay safety concerns to hauling companies serving the site. 

In January, the sheriff’s department announced additional patrols would be done on Allegheny Street and Eldersville Road, which comprise alternate state Route 27; as well as state Routes 27 and 88 and 49 Hill Road after residents complained of large trucks violating traffic laws on them. 

Some of the complaints were spurred by video footage on social media of a large truck veering across the center line of Allegheny Street on multiple occasions one night. 


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