Toronto woman arrested for child endangerment

TORONTO — A Toronto woman was arrested Friday after one of her two children was seen hanging out the window of a room in which they were locked.

A charge of child endangerment is pending against Marcisha Ortiz, 27, of Apartment 3, 901 Bank St., where the children, both under 5, were found locked inside a room with no food or water and very little clothing.

City Police Sgt. Derrick Piatt said a neighbor called the police after seeing one of the children hanging out of a window from which he threw pieces of clothing.

Piatt said the child was found naked while his sibling was wearing only a shirt.

The officer said a lock on the outside of the door and an extension cord around the handle prevented the children from leaving the room. He entered the room through the window using a ladder truck from the city’s fire department.

Piatt said he found a soiled mattress in the room and trash around the floor.

He said Ortiz had been at her Weirton workplace since 5:30 a.m.

Child Protective Services was called to investigate and see to the children’s safety.


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