Commissioners commend those who saved dog trapped in pipe

SAFE — Nichole Felouzis, director of humane services at the Hancock County Animal Shelter, holds puppy Enya during Thursday’s Hancock County Commissioners meeting. -- Steve Rappach

NEW CUMBERLAND — Hancock County commissioners commended its dog warden and those responsible for saving the life of a dog trapped in a culvert pipe.

During Thursday’s meeting, commissioners recognized efforts of county Dog Warden Floyd Schulte, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, the Newell Volunteer Fire Department and other volunteers who rescued the animal from the pipe along White Oak Run Road in Newell on Feb. 25.

The dog, named Enya, was pulled to safety after it had been stuck nearly 14 feet inside the pipe. She was taken to the Hancock County Animal Shelter and was reported to be in good shape following evaluations at the shelter.

Commissioner Jeff Davis read a letter submitted by Sgt. Jeff McIntyre, which detailed the events and the efforts made to save Enya. These efforts included utilizing a backhoe by members of the Delekta family, who reside near the culvert pipe, to dig up and cut the pipe.

“Once the pipe was dug up and the pipe was cut, odds of getting the dog rescued were high,” wrote McIntyre.

McIntyre emphasized his gratitude for Schulte, who McIntyre said work relentlessly to bring the dog to safety and take her to the animal shelter.

“Floyd laid in cold, muddy water with just a T-shirt and blue jeans on for approximately 30 to 45 minutes trying to coax this dog to come toward him,” McIntyre wrote. “Floyd tried numerous times to latch onto the dog with the snare which he was ultimately able to do. The dog was pulled from the pipe and transported to the shelter by Floyd.”

McIntyre thanked Schulte for his efforts, adding “With employees like Floyd, the animals in Hancock County are taken care of well with care and compassion.”

Speaking on behalf of the commission, Davis offered his gratitude to Schulte, the animal shelter and the volunteers for the rescue.

“Thank you so much for your effort to take care of this puppy,” Davis said.

Enya was in attendance at Thursday’s meeting alongside Schulte and Nichole Felouzis, the shelter’s director of humane operations.

While accepting the thanks and commendations, Schulte acknowledged others that helped rescue Enya

“I’d like to say it just wasn’t me,” Schulte said. “It was a group effort. The sheriff’s department was there. The (Newell) fire department was there. There was some individuals there, so there were a lot of people who were caring and made it possible to be out there.”

Felouzis informed the commission that no owner has come forward to claim Enya, but added that several people have contacted the shelter and have expressed interest in adopting her.

“So good news for puppy Enya,” Felouzis said.