Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Body left behind: Deputies were asked for help locating a Tiltonsville man who had dropped a body off at Martins Ferry hospital Sunday and left the scene. A Martins Ferry police officer told deputies hospital personnel were trying to help the unidentified deceased male when they discovered he had been dead for hours prior to being left there. Martins Ferry police took the man for questioning, deputies said.

Misstep: An Adena woman in the process of divorcing her husband said he violated a protection order, Saturday. She said she was on her way home and pulled into a gas station, only to find he pulled in after her. She said they made eye contact and he started laughing, and said when she reminded him it was a violation for him to remain on the premises since she was present. He ignored her and walked inside the station.

Grassy knoll: A Wintersville man told deputies his neighbor blew grass clippings onto his property, Sunday. The two households have been at odds for more than two decades. The man said he just wanted the clippings blown back across the property line.

Disturbance: A Missouri man in town for a funeral in Dillonvale told deputies he saw a woman being assaulted while he was at the funeral home, Sunday. Deputies said they located the woman, who had an injured lower lip and scratches on her face. She said her ex-boyfriend had moved out two weeks earlier and had returned to collect some personnel items but when he grabbed a TV, they argued over who should keep it. When she saw the TV loaded on his truck, she said she walked over and dropped a saw on it, and in retaliation her ex went inside the house and threatened to destroy her things.

Steubenville police

Accident: A Hollywood Boulevard resident backed his pickup into his own retaining wall, Friday. Officers detected an aroma of alcohol and warned the man to stay off the road.

Concerned: A caller reported seeing a male passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle parked in the 1100 block of Maryland Avenue, Saturday. Firefighters arrived on scene first and were speaking with the male, who said he’s working midnights and fell asleep before he got inside his residence. Minutes later a second caller reported another man passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle, parked in the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue. Police said that man was awake and alert, and told them he was using the Wi-Fi on his phone.

Suspicious: A call was placed to the police department because three subjects were sitting in a green minivan near Murphy Field for about 30 minutes and the caller said it looked suspicious, Saturday. The caller believed the three were involved in some drug activity. Police said the vehicle was unoccupied when they arrived on scene and they were unable to locate the trio.

Fore: A female driving north on Lovers Lane said her rear window was broken by a golf ball, Saturday. She said the golfer apologized and gave her his name and number, but said he needed to finish playing his round.

Booked: Robert L. Smith, 30, 205 South Fourth St., Apt. 1, Steubenville, was charged with criminal mischief, Friday. Smith allegedly threw a brick through the window of the Nutcracker Shoppe earlier in the week. Police said he was pacing in front of Leonardo’s when they took him into custody.

Booked: Trinity A. Lewis, 18, 436 Spring Ave., Steubenville, was charged with petit theft and contempt of court, Saturday. Lewis allegedly tried to remove 61 items from Walmart valued at nearly $394 without paying for them, police said. Store personnel said Lewis had previously been banned from the store.

Served: Mazey Hearn, 22, 3825 Main St., Weirton, came on station to be served with a warrant from municipal court for failure to appear, Friday.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners of properties at 1000 Lincoln Ave., high grass; 736 Lincoln Aven, 815 Lincoln Ave., 328 Lovers Lane, 1402 Belleview Blvd., 145 Lovers Lane, 1339 Pennsylvania Ave., all for high grass.

Misbehaving: An intoxicated male was reported at the intersection of Pittsburgh Street and Wellesley Avenue, screaming and taking his shirt off, Sunday. Officers searched the area and were unable to locate him.

Booked: Alan K. Griffith, 43, 14 Liz Place, Apt. 83, Follansbee, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and possession of criminal tools, Sunday. Walmart employees allege Griffith used two pocketknives he purchased to open up the packaging on two cellphone cases and a speaker valued at $60. They said Griffith, whom they allege was intoxicated, was told to leave the store several times but refused, then tried to return the items though he never paid for them. After several attempts to get him to leave he complied, leaving behind the knives he’d purchased as well as the items he hadn’t paid for. Police took him into custody in the parking lot.

Party of one: Officers spotted a woman on the ground, screaming and yelling in a downtown parking lot, Sunday. Police said the woman was unable to complete a sentence or stand still, so she was transported to Trinity West. The woman later admitted using a mix of heroin and cocaine earlier in the evening, they said.

Now you see him: A caller reported a shirtless male behaving erratically on West Adams Street near Maxwell Avenue, but police were unable to find him. A witness said he left the area in a car.

Acting out: Staff at a North Fourth Street apartment complex reported a resident threw a TV out a window and has been causing problems with his neighbors, Sunday.

Booked: Kenneth D. Graves, 42, 425 Franklin Ave., Steubenville, was charged with domestic violence, Sunday, after his ex-wife told police he’d punched her juvenile son in the eye with a closed fist and tried to choke him during an argument. Police said the youth had minor bruising on his eye consistent with the mother’s statement, which he corroborated. The three of them live together even though the parents are divorced.

Booked: Raymond C. Davis, 62, 3984 State Route 213, Steubenville, was served with an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court for aggravated vehicular assault and OVI charges in Guernsey County. Davis also was cited for having an open container.

Booked: Herman Pinnell, 45, 908 Market St., Apt. 8, Steubenville, bench warrant from District Court 1.


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