Toronto Community Garden, Noah Long Mural renewed

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The Toronto Community Garden and the Noah Long Mural, both located at the corner of North Fourth and Clark streets in Toronto, have had a fresh new do-over, according to George Komar, president of the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization. Doug Griffith, local artist, repaired and repainted the damaged areas of Noah’s Mural and by doing so has brought the mural back to its original intent, which is to honor Noah Long, Toronto City School student, in his fight against cancer and to inspire others in their fight against cancer, Komar explained. Community workers from the Toronto District One Court, presided over by Judge Lisa Ferguson, repainted the 12 planter boxes and worked on the overall landscaping of the garden. Their work was supervised by Capt. Charlie Daniels of the Toronto Police Department and Komar. Helpers included Sarah Martin, Jordan Stebbins, Austin Hoose, Max Eltringham, Nash Allison and Brock Fuller. For information on Noah’s Mural, the Community Gardens and the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization, visit www.TheGemCity.org or call (740) 544-6439 and leave a message.


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