Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Martin and Cynthia Howarth and Patricia Nice to Oliver and Lauren Humphrey, lot 16, Tera Manor

Amsterdam Lending Library Inc. to Jeffrey and Marsha Prokopakis, lot 1, David Johnston’s

JACE Properties LLC to Zimco Holdings LLC, .0367 acre, Knox Township

Shawn Mackey to Brian and Brook Goddard, .771 acre, Cross Creek Township

Phyllis Riapos to John Riapos and others, lot 58, Forest View (survivorship)

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Dennis Leake and others, .394 acre, Springfield Township

Earl Maple (deceased) to H. Elaine Maple, 1.012 acres, Island Creek Township

James Trifonoff to Laura Trifonoff, lot 1, Woodland Park

Claudio and Lily Ching to Matthis an Kassandre Flipse, lot 9, Swickard’s

Harriet Stacy (deceased) to Norman Stacy, .85 acre, Steubenville Township

Chas Joel LLC to Chad Court Inc, .5244 acre, Smithfield Township

Dorothy Katsaris (deceased) to Susan Katsaris-Peeps and Melissa Katsaris-Smith, lot 30, Butte’s Beverly Hills

Joyce Siragusano (deceased) to Lisa Greathouse and others, metes, Salem Township

Jefferson County Sheriff and others to Levej Group LLC, part lot 54, Salmon and Mooney’s

Stephen and Linda Hawkins to Mark and Ginger Kinsey, lots 1 and 2, Clear-View Manor (survivorship)

3101 Main Street LLC to Jeffrey Arranz, lot 187, Country Club Estates

Russell and Sandra Grimm to JD Asset Mgt. LLC, lot 283, Manhattan

Doris Phillips (deceased) to James Phillips Sr., metes, Wells-Warren Township

Nicholas Cosenza III to Jodie Snodgrass, part lots 121, 122, 124 and lot 123, Steubenville

Scott and Dorriennce Lewis to Cynthia Morello, lot 38, Hillcrest

Jefferson County Sheriff and Derrick Tucker to Crystal Pasco and Paul Pasco Sr., lot 5, Allen Rogers

Jefferson County Sheriff and others to Barium and Chemicals Inc., part lot 8, Steubenville Pottery Co.

Joseph Karakas (deceased) to Maria Karakas, lot 7, Aiken’s, lots 162-165, Walker’s

Denise and Patrick Kelley and Francene Prevot to Saundra Braun, lot 24, Lupton and Hills

John Viers to Tanaya Schoonover, lot 26, Wells and Wells

John Miller (deceased) to Sondra Miller, lots 4 and 5, Love’s

Imogene Conner (deceased) to Brian Sayers, 2 acres, Island Creek Township

Jefferson County Sheriff and Robert Glasure to Susan Sabir, .18 acre, Smithfield Township

Jefferson County Sheriff and others to Leona Hardy, lot 22, Saltsman’s

Debra and Robert Grimes and Tim Kirkland to Brian Bradley, 1.682 acres, Salem Township

Unified Bank to Ralph and Carrie Barker, .826 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship)

Harold and Kelley Willett to Harley Moffo, lot 54, Skyview

Sandra and Charles Warner to Robert Warner, 41.96 acres, Springfield Township

Emily and Renat Ishuev to Valerie and Sundo Fuscardo, part lot 4 and 5, Lake Park

Joseph Sokol to Gregory Anderson, lot 9, Banfield

Cassandra Smith to Naji Abboud, lot 37, Century Hills

Florence Bucko (deceased) to Margaret Nichols, metes, Ross Township

Patrick Real Estate LLC to Valhalla Management Inc., part lot 27, Ross

Jason Myers to Destiny Myers, lot 27, Banfield

Destiny Myers and Edward Campbell Jr., lot 27, Banfield (survivorship)


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