Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Shawn and Heather Mousourakis to Brian Zorbini, lots 95 and 96, Wallace Heights

Richard Russelo (deceased) to Judy Russelo, lot 20, Simmons and Fosters

Elghalia Deangelo to Amy Pequignot, part lot 41, Waggoner and McEldowney’s

Peter and Tracy Gulczynski to Manfred and Maleya Eisenacher, lot 140, Sunset Gardens (survivorship)

Richard and Jo Beaumont to Natalie Stanley, lot 28, Rolling Acres

Jelou Lewis to John Lewis, .142 acre, Island Creek Township

Thomas Borkowski and others to Edward Borkowski, metes, Smithfield Township

Max Saiter (deceased) to Elwyn Saiter and others, metes, Wells-Warren Township

Judy Adamson to Elwyn Saiter and Denise Saiter, metes, Wells-Warren Township

Elwyn Saiter and others to Trenton Schutz, metes, Wells-Warren Township

Timothy Rohal and others to William Scheel and Patricia Kelley, part lots 5 and 6, Cooper’s

Karen Dowell to Joy Phillips, lots 2-4, Schawalda Heights

Karen Dowell to Alvin and Jessica Dowell Jr., .808 acre, Wells-Warren Township

Nancy Stratton and others to Andrew Ruberto Jr., .28 acre, Knox Township

Daniel Pilkington (deceased) to Charlie Pilkington, metes, Steubenville Township

Charlie and Kara Pilkington to Marico Harris, metes, Steubenville Township

Ruth Murray (deceased) to George Murray, metes, Mount Pleasant Township, lot 11, Watson and Thomasson

RonBob Rentals LLC to Ruth West, part lot 6, Pleasant Heights

Benjamin Bowers to Cody and Audrey Alford, lots 123 and 124, Longvue, .1722 acre, Cross Creek Township

Shale Play Land Services Inc to Taurus Corporation, no property specified

Barbara Blackburn (deceased) to Marsha Blackburn and Robert Blackburn, 1 acre, Cross Creek Township

Connie Oblak (deceased) to Gary Oblak, 12.7 acres, Mount Pleasant Township

Hazel Flouhouse to Mary Allietta, lot 2, Moon Valley

Preston Robinson (deceased) to Dorothy Robinson, part lot 6, Henrietta B. Mears

Timothy and Georgia Thompson to Paul Crawford, .14 acre, Smithfield Township

Reese and Ashley Thompson to George Salibi and Peter Salibi, part lot 50, Simmons and Foster’s (survivorship)

Michelle Casto (deceased) to Kerry Casto, lots 26-28, 36, Cominotti’s

Matthew and Colleen Shepherd to St. Florian Properties LLC, lot 35, Simmons and Foster’s

Dorothy and Edward Lamatrice to Monica Vok, lot 165, LaBelle View

Matilda Parise (deceased) to John Parise, lot 111, John Spahn’s

William and Madelyn James to Brandie Petras and Shannon James, lot 153, Beverly Hills (survivorship)

Jerri DeLeon to Antonette Deller, lot 136, Manhattan

Antonette and Aaron Deller to Jennifer Kaeck, lot 136, Manhattan

Teresa and Kenneth Wilson to Douglas and Michelle McLaughlin, lot 33, North Hill (survivorship)

Paul and Christine Molinaro to Molo Rentals LLC, lot 71, Beechwood

Paul and Christine Molinaro to Molo Rentals LLC, lot 9, Original Richmond

Frances Curti to Molo Rentals LLC, lot 131, Beechwood

Margaret Hockenberry (deceased) Martricia Cooper, metes, Smithfield Township


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