Harrison Community Hospital sees major uptick in ER, inpatient volumes

CADIZ — In the first four months of fiscal 2020, Harrison Community Hospital has experienced a significant increase in its emergency room and inpatient volumes.

Compared to the same time last year, the ER has seen a 15 percent increase, while the inpatient volume has jumped 53 percent.

HCH Administrator Tony Martinelli attributes the increases to a shift in Belmont County patients who previously relied on the now-shuttered East Ohio Regional Hospital, and a general awareness of the increased level of services offered by the Cadiz-based hospital.

“We have been upping the number of physicians, hours and specialties seen here at Harrison,” Martinelli said. “And it’s evidenced by the higher level of traffic through our doors. It’s also a testament to the trust the community continues to place in our hospital, which has been proudly serving residents for 50 years.”

Also experiencing a significant increase in usage is the Hopedale Fire Department. Chief Mark Marchetta said 2019 was the busiest year on record, with the department responding to 1,459 emergency calls. With Hopedale’s emergency responses increasing, so are the number of patients being transported to HCH. In 2016, Hopedale averaged fewer than two transports to HCH per month. So far this year, Hopedale is averaging 25 transports monthly.

Ohio’s Department of Public Safety has just released a report comparing EMS emergency calls over several years. The January addition of Safer Ohio states that the number of EMS emergency calls in Ohio has increased from 993,784 in 2013 to 1,649,210 in 2018, or 66 percent.

Harrison County has experienced a 52 percent increase in EMS emergency calls since 2015. The majority of EMS emergency calls take place where larger populations and businesses are located. Cadiz Township, including the village of Cadiz; Green Township, including the village of Hopedale; and North Township including the village of Scio are among the largest populations in Harrison County and have the most EMS emergency calls.

“With the increase in call volumes to our ER, we are grateful to all of the EMS departments who take such good care of the residents of Harrison County and beyond,” Martinelli said.


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