Police reports

Steubenville police

Fanciful: A woman told police a friend at at a downtown housing complex needed help, Saturday. Police said she was sweating profusely when they found her and appeared to be falling asleep as she spoke with them. She said she needed an ambulance, and told police she was “meeting a friend in the alley to give her money for Doordash and was approached by two males, one short and one tall … pointing a firearm at her (who) made her ‘snort’ illicit drugs.” She claimed she feared for her life so she took the drugs, and before they left said the men gave her the rest of the baggie of drugs and left. The baggie was seized and tested positive for fentanyl. The woman was issued a drug treatment form but, since it was her first offense, she was not arrested.

Road trip: A drunken Lincoln Avenue resident who said he took a friend to a bar in Weirton and left him claims the man came to his residence and assaulted him, Saturday. He blamed the man for a hole in his living room wall and broken glass from a coffee table. His shoulder was swollen but he refused treatment, and police said he was belligerent and confrontational. The other man told police when he went outside to ride home with the man, he noticed a person lying on the ground next to a bike and feared he might have hit that person as he was trying to leave the parking lot. He said he only came to the other man’s house to get an air mattress he’d purchased earlier in the day and said the broken glass and hole in the wall “occurred months ago.”

Slippery: A motorist said her foot slipped off the brake pedal and hit the accelerator when she was parking at Number One Chinese on Sunset Boulevard, Saturday. Her vehicle struck the business, denting an exterior wall and knocking tile and debris loose inside the building.

Charged: Ralph W. Manna 56, no fixed address, was charged with intoxication, Saturday. Police said they were called to the vicinity of Hawk Gas Station to check on an intoxicated male and saw Mann allegedly trying to stand with the help of another male, then falling forward on his knees and hitting his head off the pavement. They said they noticed a “strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath as he was attempting to speak” and advised him to remain seated to avoid further injury. When firefighters arrived, police said he “began making derogatory remarks to them.” They took him to Trinity West for evaluation, and police notified him he was being charged.

Intercepted: Kroger employees stopped a woman from leaving without paying for $48 in liquor, Friday. They said she tried to conceal the liquor and then left without paying for the merchandise, which employees were able to recover when they confronted her in the parking lot. Video footage was turned over to police.

Nonsensical: A Grandview Avenue resident reported his car had been stolen, but the caller was “intoxicated and belligerent” and didn’t know its registration number, Friday. Police said the man knew who took it but refused to tell them and was “highly uncooperative and would not give a written statement,” telling police he didn’t care what happens to the person who took it as long as he gets it back. Police said after listening to the man’s “vague threats against law enforcement and unintelligible rantings,” they left.

Trashy business: Two males in an older black four-door Dodge Dakota with West Virginia plates were spotted dumping trash at the city pump station on State Route 7, Saturday. Workers saw the truck and notified police, who obtained the video. Police say the truck’s grill is missing on the front driver side.

Hit: A woman told police she was making a left from Wilson Avenue onto Potter Avenue when a man on a dirt bike hit the front driver’s side fender, damaging the headlight and bumper and tearing the fender off her SUV. She said the man, who she described as around 40 years old with light brown hair riding a blue-and-white dirt bike, was injured and had to be helped off the ground. He was gone when police arrived.

Pushy: A Sheffield Avenue resident said his daughter hit him with an unknown object after he refused to give her money, Saturday. He said they argued over the money and when he refused to give her any, “she became erratic.”


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