Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Drinking: A Mingo Junction man was concerned after he and his wife celebrated her birthday at a Weirton bowling alley, Friday. He said they’d been “drinking vodka heavily” and he got concerned when she didn’t wake up. When officers arrived at the residence the woman was awake and told them she was intoxicated but fine otherwise.

Harsh: An officer was dispatched to a Cross Creek township residence after a woman dialed 911 but then told the dispatcher she was fine and hung up, Thursday. The female told the deputy she and her boyfriend were arguing, and she got scared, but would not go into detail about why. The couple told the officer they’d been drinking throughout the evening “and had been arguing back and forth for the past couple hours.”

Lost but found: A vehicle reported stolen from a Wintersville residence in August was recovered in Wisconsin, Thursday. The vehicle, a 2004 Chevy Tracker, was taken from the residence by a family member who was not one of the three people occupying it when it was spotted in a parking lot outside a library in Wisconsin Rapids. The owner had reported it stolen immediately after she discovered it missing, then withdrew the alarm after the family member agreed to return it. When it wasn’t returned, she canceled the vehicle’s registration and insurance but reinstated the stolen vehicle report earlier this week after she started receiving invoices from gas stations in Wisconsin demanding payment.

Booked: Jessica Marie Williams, 39, Wheeling, was taken into custody by Belmont County authorities on a failure to appear warrant, Thursday. Williams was turned over to Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies who charged her with conveyance after correctional officers detected bags of contraband concealed inside her. Plastic bags containing substances believed to be crack cocaine and meth were removed from her body, deputies said.

Bad driving: The driver of a box truck struck the price sign at a Tiltonsville gas station and left the scene, Thursday. The manager said when the truck hit the sign it changed the price of gas, so he believes the damage to be internal as well as external. A worker who spoke with the truck driver said he’d agreed to wait for police but instead fled.

Booked: Mason Frank Gorney, 35, 1426 Belleview Blvd., Steubenville, failure to register as a sex offender, Thursday. West Virginia State police notified deputies of the warrant.

Steubenville police

Get the message: A woman who’s being harassed by her ex said he is contacting her repeatedly on Facebook messenger, in defiance of an order of protection prohibiting contacting between them, Thursday. She told police she’s been deleting his texts, which alternate between rekindling their relationship and sheer nonsense, and blocking him, but he just sets up a new account and starts over. The ex boyfriend video-called her in the officer’s presence and when the officer reminded him he is prohibited from contacting her, the ex initially said he was trying to call the woman’s daughter. After being advised charges could be forthcoming, he told them the phone fell off his bed and made the call.

Shots heard: Police were dispatched to the 1400 block of Pennsylvania after reports of multiple shots fired, Thursday. Officers “located a scene” in the 1400 block of Maryland Rear, collecting evidence and interviewing individuals in the vicinity.

Hit: A Linda Way resident told police her stone wall was damaged overnight, Wednesday. Several pieces of the wall were laying in the woman’s yard, police said.

Reported: A man at a downtown apartment complex told police he’d been threatened by a man with a gun, Thursday.

Warranted: Jeffrey DeLucas, 64, no fixed address, was served with a warrant for failure to appear, Thursday. Police allegedly found DeLucas passed out on patio furniture in front of Kroger’s with two bottles of vodka, one of them empty and one half-full, next to him. He also was cited for an open container.

Neighbors: A disturbance was reported in the 500 block of Ross Street, Thursday. A woman who was moving out said there was no problem, but a neighbor showed them where a fence had been damaged and pointed out several trash bags and other items that were on his property near the alley.

The woman collected the items and put them in a garage but told police she’d had actually stacked them neatly near the alley and the man who was complaining tossed them into the yard.

She said she was upset by his actions and tossed them onto his property. She said she’d inquired about renting a rollaway but was told she should take advantage of the city’s spring cleanup.

Booked: Brittany Silver, 32, 1014 Yankee St., Wellsburg, was charged with petty theft, Thursday. Silver allegedly took more than $300 in merchandise without paying for it, police said.

Booked: Juana L. H. Carroll, 25, 505 Harrison St., Apt. C, Empire, petty theft, Thursday. Carroll allegedly had merchandise valued at $150 that hadn’t been paid for. The woman denied intentionally stealing any merchandise and said she was in a rush to get home.

Cited: Christian Babela, 18, 141 Efts Lane, Steubenville, possession of marijuana; Patrick Thomas, no age or address listed, no driver’s license; Venetia Johnson, 29, 1408 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, driving under suspension; Soloman Lytle, 452 Turnpike St., Beaver, Pa., speeding; Marla E. Kagle, 47, 5512 state Route 151, Mingo Junction, speeding.

Over-indulged: A woman causing a disturbance outside a Market Street apartment believed someone inside had stolen her keys, Thursday.

The woman’s grandmother said she was intoxicated and might have misplaced her keys, and the people she’d been harassing said she’d been at their apartment and left, then came back drunk demanding her keys. They said the keys weren’t in the residence and they didn’t want the woman to return until she was sober.

Booked: Jiah Minniefield, 24, 624 North 4th St., Steubenville probation violation, Thursday.

Toronto police

Booked: Harold Beadnell, 53, 1323 N. 4th St., Toronto, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting arrest, Thursday.

Harrison County sheriff

Booked: Ryan Hennis, 34, 216 E. High St., Jewett, possession of drugs, Thursday.


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