Time to embrace Guardians

The inevitable finally happened. It is time to embrace the Cleveland Guardians.

If you are a fan of the Indians and do not accept this change, then stop being a fan. It is the name that comes in front of it that matters most: Cleveland.

The franchise has been known by other names before. The Indians did not begin until 1915. Before that, it was known as the Spiders (which I really wanted to be the new name), Blues, Broncos and Naps. It has not happened in 106 years, but a new name is nothing new.

The biggest concern comes with that horrible new logo, the one where the G is on angel wings and covers a baseball. What is this, the Minor Leagues? No, it is worse because at least Minor League logos generally are fun and exciting. Is Goodyear sponsoring it?

Could the marketing department of the Cleveland baseball franchise not come up with anything else? A person who is a guardian? So the logos are a diamond-like C and a flying G on a baseball. The Browns have a better logo, and it is just an orange helmet. The Cavaliers in the mid 1990s and early 2000s was better, and that was just a basketball going through a hoop. Grade: F.

The guardian name? Grade: B-.

It could have been a lot worse. Guardian is at least different and unique. Imagine the Cleveland Buckeyes.

The script “Guardians” and the new print “Cleveland” received a new look, as well. These have more corners and are not as smooth. Grade: C. It looks too similar to the old Indians script across the home jerseys.

Cleveland also decided to keep the team colors of red, white and blue, rather than really start fresh with a new scheme. Fine by me. Grade: A.

Overall, everything gets a Grade C+. Again, it could have been a lot worse. Minus the G baseball logo, it gets an upgrade to B+.

For any Cleveland fan reading this, change always will be difficult. We just have to embrace the change and be fine with this new chapter.

Now, with all of this said, we should be allowed to still wear our Indians gear to the games next season, right? That is a lot of money people spent on that merchandise. There better be a refund if it becomes the case. Just because Weir High no longer will use the Red Rider logo, that will not stop some fans from wearing shirts, hats, jackets, etc. with the Red Rider.

Anyway, Cleveland embraced the change and is moving forward. The Washington Football Team did the same last year. Now is the time for everybody else to follow that lead.

In need of a new look are the Chicago Blackhawks, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and many more. How about high schools or colleges that have the nickname Indians or Redskins? What will Indian Creek do?

Even though it is not offensive to me or many reading this, that does not mean it is not offensive to somebody else. It took me a long time to understand this and accept it, and it is not too late for others to do the same.


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