COLUMN: Staying patient is key

Is it even worth bringing sports back for the foreseeable future?

Of course it is.

When this coronavirus case begins to blow over, even if it’s months away, we need sports back in our lives. We need to break away from our everyday problems to soak in what sports really does for us.

Thus, when MLB, NHL, NBA, etc. all return, each sport needs to do it differently and in a very exciting manner. Here’s what I propose.


Even if one is not the biggest college basketball fan like myself, you can’t deny the big hole March Madness left. It’s not the same when we cannot fill out brackets, watch intense upsets and root for teams and players we probably won’t remember a week after the season concludes.

Dear NBA and NHL, give us the madness back.

All 30 teams in each league should be in one bracket. It’s uneven because that’ll mean 15 games for the first round. Give the two teams with the best records byes, or however each sport wants to do it. Shoot, the NCAA Tournament gives 64 teams a first-round pass.

Give every team a chance. Give fans the opportunity to fill out brackets again and bring excitement back into our lives.

Unlike the NCAA Tournament, each series should be a best-of-three, at least for the early rounds. If the outbreak lasts longer and nothing can be competed until late June or July, then just have one-game series.

Hey, give my Cavaliers a chance. You never know.



It’ll be interesting to see what MLB does. Cut the season or extend it to the winter months?

How about a little bit of both?

Each team needs a new schedule and should play however many MLB comes up with. Maybe it’ll be 100, 110, 120, etc. It doesn’t matter. The schedules made for the 162-game 2020 season must be reworked.

Each team must face its division opponent for two series at home and two on the road. It also must face other teams in its league at least once. Maybe the Pirates will face the Dodgers at home but not on the road. The Indians can travel to face the Athletics and not have them arrive in Cleveland.

Although there is an uneven number of teams in each league (15 each), no interleague games this season. Each team in each league will get a three-game break, and those will be their days off. Yes, no days off until those breaks occur.

Cancel the all-star game while we’re reshaping the league. It doesn’t mean anything anyway.


Hey, I know this is a sports column and I’m mentioning the WWE. However, this is probably the closest to a sporting event that we have right now. That is, unless you watched ESPN 8 the Ocho on ESPN 2 Sunday that featured Tetris competition, cherry pit-spitting, axe throwing and a whole lot more.

For those who are not aware, Wrestlemania is a two-day event from April 4-5 this year at the company’s training facility in Florida with no fans, or at the very least a few spectators. This cannot happen.

I’m somewhat happy that it is not postponed because nothing else is occurring. But, at the same time, it’s one of the biggest entertainment events of the whole year. Why not delay it until June and put it in a stadium or arena full of fans?

Originally, the event was supposed to take place where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play. There was a rumor that Madison Square Garden was interested in taking it over. That probably would be better than the current plan.


Now, for the biggest question of all around here: What about high school sports?

The simple answer is to just cancel everything, from the spring sports to the basketball and wrestling state tournaments. By the time this blows over, the current seniors will be ready for their next journey at the collegiate level.

Ohio wrestlers should receive something for at least qualifying for the state tournament. Luckily, West Virginia already is over and done with.

For both basketball tournaments, the schools should receive something for qualifying.

All of this sounds horrible, and I totally agree. But, what can we do? The virus outbreak and everybody staying healthy is far more important than playing sports. We just have to be patient.

In the meantime, there are plenty of YouTube videos from past sporting events. I don’t suggest watching Browns highlights. If you feel terrible now, those will only make you feel worse.


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