Cards for all occasions even when revised

Better Half and I always say that one of these years we’re going to renew our “vows” — or so we threaten.

Then we look at each other and say with conviction — “a, e, i, o, u!!”

Nothing spells a “Happy Anniversary” quite like that, we laugh.

We have several anniversaries that we celebrate in relation to our through-the-decades years of togetherness, none of them with grandeur and fanfare, but each of them special in their own right.

We celebrated in grand style recently — I went to work; he went golfing. His buddies were impressed, attributing our marital longevity to such displays of peace, love and harmony.

Anniversaries are actually one occasion where we get a bit wild. We actually open our wallets and buy a card.

Otherwise, we just stand in the card aisle of a store around birthday time, for example, and point to something funny or sentimental and gush, ‘Yeah, that’s the one I would have got you.”

Those are the ones we would have bought for each other in a moment of financial frivolity if we were feeling like big spenders ready to fork over five or more George Washingtons to express a sentiment destined for the recycling bin.

That’s high finance just for having a birthday, a date on the calendar not wildly original. Seems everyone has those.

Instead, we save all that dough and save a tree in the process. Or at least a branch.

But anniversaries are different.

Now it’s not always an anniversary card that I get on an anniversary, the proof of that reaffirmed with the most recent one presented to me by Better Half, who cautioned there was a story behind this particular card.

Translated that means a legitimate excuse.

This revelation came just as I was about to open it, an admission that piqued my curiosity all the more.

The card was beautiful, the front of it reading “My wife, you are life’s biggest blessing, my favorite answered prayer, my most amazing friend, my love, joy and delight.”

I stopped reading halfway through and looked at him — are you sure this is for me?

Then, inside, “I love you always! Happy Birthday!”

“Birthday” was crossed out, however, with “Anniversary” written below it.

Even greeting cards multitask.

Better Half said he thought for sure it was a Happy Anniversary card when he’d bought it a couple months ago when we were browsing in this little gift shop in Minerva.

Honestly, the reality that an anniversary and a card purchase were even on his radar was nothing short of miracle-category stuff.

“I thought I pulled it out of the anniversary card slot,” he apologized.

So much for his powers of observation, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

My card came out of the perfect Happy Anniversary slot if I do say so myself.

This was a card appropriate for most any occasion, most any day of the week.

“Happy Anniversary! You know the secret to a happy marriage is how often you say those three little words,” the front of the card reads.

And inside — “Let’s eat out!”

Now that I would not cross out and scribble anything over it unless it was “What are you cooking?”


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