Guest column/Lifting the voices of Ohio’s energy producers

Families in Eastern Ohio and across the United States are experiencing record-high gas prices, and — as wars wage around the world — it is increasingly apparent that our energy supply chain is at risk. This is a direct result of the misguided and anti-American energy agenda being implemented by President Biden and his Administration.

Meanwhile, as prices at the pump continue to rise, the price of natural gas has quadrupled since 2019.


Supply and demand. Demand for natural gas has not decreased, but the Biden Administration’s policies have significantly decreased supply reliability.

Domestic energy production is integral to our national security, and it is more important now than ever that we ensure a reliable energy sector for the American people.

The only way to do that is to increase energy production right here at home.

As members of the Congressional Western Caucus, we continue to press President Biden to listen to the voices of rural communities who are severely impacted by the rising costs of energy — and who also benefit from the economic development domestic production.

The Congressional Western Caucus is a group of 75 members who represent rural communities across the United States, and we know the importance of understanding how decisions made in D.C. impact rural America. We are proud to be hosting a Western Caucus field tour in Ohio’s 6th Congressional District Friday to help us do just that.

Specifically, we are visiting Cadiz and Hanoverton to hear how the Biden Administration’s failing energy policies impact coal, oil, and natural gas producers — and therefore impact American energy security.

Ohio’s energy production contributes greatly to our nation’s energy portfolio. In fact, the men and women who work within the state’s energy sector are at the forefront of innovation and responsible development of our natural resources.

For example, we know that coal production has come a long way since the days of our parents and grandparents, so we will meet with local coal producers to hear directly how they are working to protect the environment while meeting energy needs for the region and contributing to local economies.

In addition to touring the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Mine Safety Training Center, we also will visit a well pad where world-class Ohio oil and natural gas is produced to power our country and our allies abroad.

It is easy to support Ohio’s natural gas producers because we understand that in addition to creating jobs and meeting the energy needs of families and businesses throughout the United States, the natural gas industry is leading the way to tackle emissions reduction and provide significant economic benefits to surrounding communities.

Instead of continuing to punish American energy producers, it’s time to empower the men and women — like those we are meeting with this week — to responsibly develop baseload energy resources like oil and natural gas.

This field tour will help us do so.

Western Caucus Members aim to lift the voices of rural America, and by taking what we learn here back to the nation’s capital, we can guarantee to the people of eastern Ohio that their priorities and their concerns will be heard.

(Johnson, R-Marietta, represents Ohio’s 6th Congressional District. Newhouse, R-Sunnyside, represents Washington’s 4th Congressional District and serves as chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus.)


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