Here’s what I know to be true at the moment

Here’s what I know to be true today as I write this column on the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022.

— We’re mid-way through January practically and well, the “S” word has been pretty much not around for the winter of 2021-22.

So far, anyway.

There hasn’t been very much snow, and I don’t recall up to this point even scraping any white stuff off my windshield. Plus, there’s been more winter warmth than extreme, extended periods of bitter cold, although you’d never know it from our last gas bill. Yikes!

Maybe we should just huddle around a campfire until the end of April or so.

Milder conditions make morning barn duties pretty pleasant or as pleasant as manure-mucking can be. I’d much rather say “good morning, boys” to Thunder and Tucker than “brrrrr.”

Between the three of us, we haven’t had all that much steam coming from our nostrils.

Only recently did I finally cave in and wear my new winter coat (not to the barn, mind you) that I bought at the end of the last winter season, which I can hardly recall whether it was good or bad or temperature indifferent.

All I know is it is good to wear a winter coat that not only do I like, but it cost less than $18. Yeah, baby!

I even talked (shamed was more like it) Better Half into buying a new winter coat. I think our kids were in grade school when he broke down and got his last one. (They’re in their 30s now if that helps give you the big picture.)

He hasn’t worn it yet because I guess he’s saving it for winter weather.

Now allegedly, there’s snow in our future, the possibility — i.e. threat — of substantial snow perhaps, but how much is anyone’s guess or prediction.

I continue to not be a fan of all the possibilities that could play out. Lots. A Little. Maybe. Maybe not. Just give me the bad news when you know it.

Absorbing all of the models and scenarios is more exhausting than empowering.

— In the duhhh department, I learned earlier this week that if you use LED lights in an overhead light set with a dimmer switch, you’ll ultimately find yourself in the dark.

When this happened in one of the living rooms, I feared the worst, thinking, oh no, the sky is falling, and repairs will be a thing that keeps me from buying even on-sale winterwear.

But how good it is to have an electrical person in your circle of friends, one who doesn’t take you to task for lack of LED knowledge.

Instead, we were illuminated with a new understanding. A simple switch of the light bulbs, and we could see clearly now.

Suddenly, I was no longer rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic.

Full speed ahead!

— It doesn’t take much to make some people happy. This would include my trusting son, who had but one recent request of his mother, a chronic disappointment in the what’s-for-dinner department.

Personally I could be content with toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, but not everyone shares in my easy-does-it meal planning approach.

He wanted me to make two things.

One was the turkey meatloaf recipe he’d seen Trisha Yearwood prepare on “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen,” her Food Network show.

Hey, if Garth Brooks eats this, it has to be really good, so the school of thought is here.

The other one was a Mr. Food test kitchen dessert — a recipe for Cinnamon Bun Poke Cake, which involves, first off, making a white cake from a box mix. Oh my!

The tricky thing is he wanted both things made the same day.

My son was so happy with how both recipes turned out, I wondered if there’d be some kind of repercussions.

Would the lights in the house all go dim?

Would it start snowing?

Truth is, we’ll be finding that out.


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