Joy in finding what you’re not looking for

I lifted my pillow and there it was.

The recently purchased watch with a skinny black band, one I had picked out and later told Better Half that he had bought this on my behalf as a gift. And that was very thoughtful of him, I assured.

I’m a watch girl, despite our access to the time of day by other means, namely our cell phones, clocks in buildings or even in old-fashioned ways of actually asking someone. “Hey do you have the time?” to which a sarcastic response seems imminent — “Not enough!” or “As much as you do, lady!”

I didn’t stop to think that the watch under my pillow meant that maybe there’s a confused tooth fairy in our midst, filling in for other tooth fairies on vacation and unfamiliar with the “drill.” I mean we haven’t left any teeth under our pillows for many, many moons, and at our age, that’s certainly a good thing. (If it means we can supplement our income, however, maybe it’s not such a bad idea.)

Honestly, tooth-fairy-turned watch-fairy or not, I was just happy to find this watch. I was excited to tell Better Half the good news — “Look what I found!”

What it was doing there is anyone’s guess, probably not validation that I am a very competent bed-maker.

Such was the beauty of this past week, though, where I unexpectedly found a number of things I had looked a while back for but given up on, figuring they were destined to be forever elusive. Gone for good.

Au Contraire, Pierre.

You’ve got to love a week where you finally find what you need even if it is after the fact of wanting it or needing it.

Case in point — a heart-shaped patriotic earring with red, white and blue “diamonds,” i.e. sparkly glass.

I had wanted to wear these earrings on Memorial Day until I realized I only had one of them, and despite efforts to find the other one, my search was unsuccessful.

I would have liked to have worn them around the Fourth of July, too, but that didn’t come to pass, either.

One day last week, however, I was fumbling around in cupboards under the kitchen island where I keep bowls and lids and such and, lo and behold, there it was. The missing patriotic earring, hiding in the bowl I was after for all the watermelon I had just cut into pieces.

Now I’m all set for earrings for Memorial Day 2022, I told myself, even though I couldn’t quite connect the dots and make sense of how an earring from my ear makes its way to the watermelon bowl.

But, hey, life happens, right?

Regrettably, I couldn’t find the lid to this bowl, which initiated a search in a big closet in the bathroom that constitutes storage for anything and everything, including what I call company dishes — you know platters and seasonal trays and things you only use when you’re trying to be festive and impress visitors.

Somehow the lid had ended up there and it was certainly good to locate it ultimately, but better yet, I found this big pack of AA batteries I knew I had bought not all that long ago but couldn’t find.

You sure hate to misplace a big pack of AA batteries because they aren’t cheap. They’re like gold in my book — things you need but hate to spend money to get.

You almost need a police escort to get them home safely from the store.

Better Half was looking for one of our rakes that we use at the barn. It turned up missing despite a search party activated with no results.

I couldn’t help but think about the tooth/watch fairy, along with a special request.

Please don’t put that under my pillow.


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