Prepared for the fourth quarter of 2019

Between the time I’m writing this and the time that you’re reading this, the weather supposedly will have changed from summer in October to actual fall in October.

I love Ohio and the fact that we can have all four seasons in one week or two and then do it all over again.

Nothing like weather variety.

Our recent heat wave is not something I lamented when I sat on the back porch, committing to memory how vibrant all my flowers still looked, albeit a tad thirsty. I did my best to keep up with their demands to deter dehydration, but some of them weren’t interested in responding. I think they had a fall mindset and were ready to call it quits for the blooming season.

Harold the Cat and I, though, lingered from our favorite chair on a couple of those humid evenings, oblivious to the prospect of inclement weather down the pike or any noticeable drop in temperature as mid-week graduated into the weekend.

Everything was purr-fect. Meow.

Some people, though, look forward to the change in seasons because they like to switch out wardrobes. This would include daughter Sarah, who admitted to being in sweater spirit mode.

I’d taken a couple of vacation days last week, so she and I went on a mother-daughter shopping outing to maybe look for some fall fashions, thinking at first we’d even invite Better Half to tag along and experience the maddening art of women looking for hours and hours for nothing in particular. Maybe sweaters. Maybe clothes. Maybe shoes or boots. Maybe jewelry. Maybe inspiration.

He could be our official record keeper, we conspired, counting how many times we would say, “Oh, look at this!” or “Oh, look at that!” or “I’m trying that on!” Or “I’m buying one of everything!”

Better Half seemed moderately interested at first to join us, since it at least included the promise of lunch at some point, but I think he weighed the lesser of two manly evils — shop with women looking for hours and hours for nothing in particular or stay at home and stare with intensity at a “honey-do” list on an empty stomach.

It was a wise decision for all parties concerned.

Many times on our shopping outing we stopped and laughed, agreeing “Good thing daddy didn’t come. He’d be sooo bored!”

Now I didn’t find any sweaters, but I did come home with a new purse, a half pound of thinly sliced corned beef because I was too cheap to buy a whole pound and a Halloween outfit.

I’d say it was all-around good experience.

I wrapped up that outing with a visit later in the evening with son Adam to the ice cream stand, which I know is operating on its final days for the summer.

I had an extra big hot fudge sundae, extra whipped cream, extra nuts. Hold the calories.

I’m feeling pretty good about whatever comes next.

New sweaters or no new sweaters, I’m seasonally prepared for the next part of the fourth quarter of 2019, whatever the temperature.

(Kiaski, a resident of Richmond, is a staff columnist and community editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted atjkiaski@heraldstaronline.com.)


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