How about Christmas every four years?

Not everyone looks forward to Christmas or especially likes this time of the year.

This is not really stop-the-presses headline news, much less fake news.

Better Half and I were watching a “news” program recently where the panel of commentators were discussing Christmas.

I’m not sure what the exact topic was related to the holiday, but the conversation itself came in the days before Thanksgiving when some people probably already have their trees up and decorated, cookies baked, gifts bought and wrapped, Christmas music playing and Hallmark movies watched.

This is no time of year for ho-ho-ho wimps, I can assure you of that.

One of the members of the panel, however, made a suggestion about with what frequency we should consider celebrating Christmas — a suggestion that made Better Half sit up in his La-Z-Boy, put down his Sunday paper crossword puzzle and take notice.

The suggestion was to not celebrate Christmas every single year.


That’s right. Don’t celebrate it every year, the commentator reiterated to his peers, all of whom seemed aghast and appalled at such a notion but listened with polite interest.

Make it a big-deal day every other year maybe or even better yet, he said with a grin more grinchy than the Big, Green Grinch who Stole Christmas before returning it without a sales receipt, put it on the calendar for once every four years, just like a presidential election.

Yeah! Now you’re talkin’. Now you’re cookin’ with gas, mister.

Better Half brightened.

I haven’t seen him look this pleased since whole chickens were on sale for 29 cents a pound.

The news commentator pondered all the pluses and pros and mentioned all the merits of a once-every-four-years Christmas celebration.

It would have more meaning since it wasn’t held once every 360 some days.

You don’t hold a class reunion every year, right?

You would look forward to it more, he reasoned, because you know the old saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And besides, the older we all get, the faster everything happens so Christmas is like a lot of things — it’s on warp speed. Boom! It’s here again already.

A little breathing room between celebrations wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

There’d be a lot less stress in December, too, a quieter, calmer way to wrap up the year. That was another argument offered in this debate of sorts.

And there’d be no pressure to decorate or bake or buy or fix Christmas dinner and host a bunch of company.

It’d be a whole lot less work, not to mention a whole lot less money.

I processed all this information, this foreign school of thought, and noticed Better Half was shaking his head a lot in agreement. I think I might have even heard a rattle.

Everyone has an idea about how things should be, but I’m guessing when it comes to popular vote, Christmas every year will win at the polls.

Christmas is beautiful every year. And that’s for real.

(Kiaski, a resident of Richmond, is a staff columnist and community editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at jkiaski@heraldstaronline.com.)


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