10 tools to help one overcome life’s many hurdles

I, Nate a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, address the congregation at Marland Heights Community Church, the Ohio Valley and all who may acquire this document.

May God’s grace continue to be sufficient for you. I realize that many of us live in a time of great struggle, uncertainty and strife, to which I also am not immune. My intention is not to glory in my struggles but rather in the faithfulness of God in every situation.

As many may be aware, the Lord has brought me through blindness, end-stage renal failure and diabetes in order that I may bring you a message of hope, faith and encouragement. My prayer is that the Lord’s faithfulness in my testimony will bring you peace, knowing that God is still on his throne, despite your current circumstance, struggle or storm. Be reminded that God will always provide a way out of your temptation to quit and give you the courage to endure (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Many have asked how I overcame my struggles, to which my answer has been the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom many would say amen. However, the question remains: How?

There are 10 tools that I use in my life to continue to help me overcome the hurdles that may present themselves in mine. This list is a snapshot. I pray these tools to bless you as they continue to bless me.

1. Love God and keep his commandments.

2. Serve others.

3. Stay focused.

4. Embrace your journey.

5. Be faithful.

6. Don’t quit.

7. Do everything with excellence.

8. Seek wise counsel.

9. Take ownership of your mistakes.

10. Go forward.