Guest column/Items lead to questions about outlook of newspaper

The Sunday edition of the Herald-Star featured two items that make it appear the newspaper now embraces the outlook of the homosexual movement. One was an “engagement” announcement of two women. The fact that the write-up was just like those of a true engagement announcement between a man and woman, complete with a “wedding” date, and even included a picture of the two — which made it particularly “in-your-face” — almost certainly offended the moral sensibilities of many in the Upper Ohio Valley.

It seems that the newspaper is going to be “nonjudgmental” about such a basic question as what marriage is, but by doing do has really joined those who have pushed for its radical redefinition that has gone against nature and all of human history. Perhaps the newspaper figures that it simply has to accept the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex “marriage,” and just go from there. I wonder if it would have been so accepting of the court’s support for racial segregation in 1896 or the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Nor can it be said the newspaper is somehow legally obliged to run engagement and wedding notices for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples, since that would be a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

If this wasn’t enough, the paper did a decidedly upbeat article about the homesexualist Ohio Valley Pride group and its new center in Wheeling and its coming festival. It also featured a picture of people holding a rainbow sign. It was treated just like any other community organization.

Such articles make it clear that the newspaper wants to take an amoral stand about homosexual behavior. What defines the homosexualist (“gay rights”) movement at bottom-line is its support for this behavior. There is no scientific evidence that people are simply born with the same-sex attraction; it cannot be equated with, say, one’s race or ethnicity.

The Herald-Star regularly reports about crimes. Would it take a similar nonjudgmental view about the morality of these crimes? Why should the moral question of homosexual behavior be ignored? Just because it involves sex? Instead of implicity and unquestioningly embracing the homosexualist outlook, including its thinking that the sex of marriage partners is irrelevant, perhaps the newspaper should interview sound philosophy professors — like my colleagues at the Franciscan University of Steubenville — who could explain why reason shows that homosexual behavior is by nature immoral because it thwarts the natural end of the human sexual faculty and undercuts true human dignity.

Maybe it should run some articles about the outrageous claims of the homosexualist movement, such as that homosexuals make up 10 percent of the population and are a disadvantaged minority (when economically they are better off than others.) Where have the articles been about the intolerance of the homosexualist movement toward those who oppose its agenda and how it routinely seeks to demonize its critics as bigots? Have there been any articles looking positively at organizations like Courage and Exodus that help people with same-sex attraction to remain chaste or exit that “lifestyle,” as it looked so acceptingly at the Ohio Valley Pride group. Since it’s publicizing lesbian “engagements” — and children from sperm donors or adoption might likely be in the picture in the future — maybe it should report on the solid research of social scientists Mark Regnerus and D. Paul Sullins about the harms to children of same-sex parenting.

The press is supposed to exhibit independent and critical thought, to examine closely and even challenge current trends — especially ones that involve such basic questions, which have critical socio-cultural implications, as are presented here.

It is just very disappointing that the Herald-Star now seems to just go with the flow and see the homosexualist mind-set as just part of the normal course of things.

(Krason is a professor of political science and legal studies at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.)


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