Some dull things on the shopping list

A Christmas shopping list can contain some so-so, kind of not-very-exciting gift requests.

My daughter, for example, put in a plug for a microwave of a certain wattage or more.

And, oh, yeah, some light bulbs, too.

Light bulbs?

Well, I did ask her if there was anything she wanted or needed, but I really wasn’t expecting light bulbs to be second on the list. Wow.

They burn out constantly, she defended the request that made me chuckle.

OK, I’m thinking. Just don’t shake this package too hard before you unwrap it.

But who am I to question gift requests?

I reminded Better Half about something I wanted – a new dish rack. Sure I could go out and buy one myself, but I never do because I forget.

I remember, though, when I’m doing dishes and look at it. It looks kind of scruffy, ready for replacement.

Better Half appreciates gift suggestions from me but expressed some concern, too, wondering if the silverware holder would cost extra.

It doesn’t, I assured him, but even if it did, I think our Christmas club provisions would have that covered.

It’s hard to get into the mood to Christmas shop given what I’ve heard described as “the spring we’re having this winter” – which was continuing as of this writing.

A lot of people have lamented that it doesn’t seem like Christmas given there’s no winter white around, so it seems a little odd to be shopping and decorating and that sort of thing.

My older brother Jay and I figured out the reason why there hasn’t really been any winter weather yet. He was home for a visit this past week when we were talking about this.

We decided we’re responsible for the extended stretch of pleasant weather because we both bought new winter coats for the first time in a long time.

Here we are with new coats and new gloves to boot, and we have yet to wear them!

So that’s the reason for all these “bonus days” as I call them.

Even so, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the holiday season and all that it offers, and that includes attending a children’s Christmas program at church last Sunday.

There’s nothing like a children’s Christmas program to make you smile and laugh, too, especially with little kids in a bell choir just being genuinely who they are – adorable little people playing in a bell choir.

Even grocery shopping for laundry detergent can put me in the Christmas spirit. Imagine my surprise when I picked up a big container of laundry detergent and the lid sported a cap with a Christmas toboggan ornament on it.

Not what I was expecting at all – just like the gift requests I’ve been getting and suggesting and the weather we’ve been having and all.

But never mind that.

From the Kiaski household to yours, Merry Christmas!


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