Incoherent ramblings

To the editor:

Poor Barry Bardone. He wrote one of his incoherent diatribes to the Herald-Star last week, and they published his ramblings in the Aug. 7 edition, “It’s Biden’s recession.” The opening salvo read, “No matter how dimwitcrats redefine it, it’s President Joe Biden’s recession.”

Unfortunately for the writer, that same edition of the paper had a front-page story headlined, “Employers add 528,000 jobs in July,” and the article made a strong case that any hopes Republicans have been harboring for a recession to bolster their position in the 2022 midterms are all but ash. In other words, no matter how the repugs redefine it, it’s President Joe Biden’s recovery.

But that wasn’t the writer’s only embarrassing malaprop. His next observation was “Gas is at $3.76.” Only, no, it’s not and hasn’t been for some time. In fact, gas prices have been falling quickly for almost two months, a slide which began long before he penned that falsehood. How could he not know that? I noticed, and I watched it fall day after day, having the price noted for me by those helpful stickers of a pointing Joe Biden telling me, “I did that.”

The letter contains numerous other factual errors. For example, he wrote, “Remember, Democrats killed JFK and MLK.” Except James Earl Ray had no political affiliation and Lee Harvey Oswald had known socialist leanings; also, Kennedy was the Democrat. Also, Civil Rights Act, Dixiecrats, Southern Strategy, blah, blah, blah …

The letter continues, “Biden sold 5 million barrels of America’s strategic oil reserves to a Chinese company that has connections to Hunter.” Again, untrue. Biden released 45 million barrels from the reserve putting it up for bid as required by law. A Chinese firm which has had no connections to Hunter Biden for years was the highest bidder for one lot. The sale of that oil helped ease shortages globally and is part of the reason we’re paying less at the pump today.

Barry then completely out of the blue bigotedly said, “If Lia Thomson is a women, (sic) then an AR-15 is a fishing pole.” First, her name is Lia Thomas. Lea (with an E) Thompson was Michael J. Fox’s mom in the Back to the Future movies. Second, fishing pole is a better use for an AR-15 than the one it’s designed for, ie easily massacring school children. Third, gender dysphoria is an established diagnosis in the DSM-5 for which gender reassignment is a recognized treatment. Barry doesn’t know better than the experts. He simply does not.

He then complains about how the local chapter of the National Organization for Women conducts meetings. If the writer is so concerned about how women conduct their affairs, there’s a solution for him outlined in the DSM-5.

I look forward to his next letter in which he will undoubtedly spend at least one sentence complaining about Cracker Barrel adding a vegetarian option to its otherwise carnivore-focused menu, because anger over things that don’t affect them is a hallmark of Republican tirades.

J. David Core



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