Name-calling earns nothing

To the editor:

The shame of a station to condemn this nation. The longwindedness coming from Fox News is beyond the freedom-of-speech threshold.

On July 18, Tucker Carlson started the onslaught and Sean Hannity finished off President Joe Biden’s mental condition as mental health by the numbers — you name it, Biden’s got it.

I guess now they have confessed they are not journalists, only pundits. It’s OK to use unintelligible and meaningless language with Carlson’s frown and Hannity’s giggle while reporting everybody in Biden’s White House is a liar for not reporting the president is a mental case.

What has all the name-calling changed? Zero.

The world’s population is approaching 90 billion and nearing the point of unsustainability. Climate change deniers are side-stepping basic systems — clean coal — for one to clean up the Earth’s environment and putting humans on a path to extinction.

Congressional climate-change deniers, phooey.

Steve Kopa



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