We must choose life

To the editor

You are unique, one of a kind. In fact, in the history of the world there was not another person the same as you, and there will never be another person the same as you in the future. Science has shown us that at the very moment of conception, a unique person is created, an individual genetically different than any other human being ever created or who ever will be created. That is a fact of science that cannot be denied. Any time a life in the womb is ended, such as from an abortion, the life of a unique individual is ended, a human being who will never be created again. The wondrous life in the womb has a right to keep living, but abortion tragically ends that life.

If a society does not value and protect innocent children in the womb, then that society will experience the diminishing of the value of life outside of the womb. This is so evident in our country today. Millions upon millions of lives have been ended by abortion in our country alone. As a nation we must turn from death and choose life.

Dan Hawrot



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