Questions about marijuana

To the editor:

I attended Ron Ferguson’s May 4 meeting on marijuana legalization.

The coalition to regulate marijuana like alcohol got the go-ahead from the attorney general and is required to gather 132,887 signatures from registered voters to get the bill on the ballot.

It’s big money — a medical marijuana distribution license is $80,000 biennially, and cultivation license holders must establish and maintain an escrow account in the amount of $750,000, plus their gross sales tax with no deductions is 70 percent.

This bill would overturn tens of thousands of low-level marijuana convictions from President Bill Clinton’s war on crime.

If it passes, any adult 21 and older can walk into a medical marijuana distribution center and purchase marijuana.

We learned from the medical professionals at the meeting that marijuana stays in your system for weeks, not like alcohol, which is expelled from your system within a day, and marijuana may cause long-term brain damage. If you know anyone who has been using marijuana for years you will see the effect.

It was also noted there is no cross reference of prescription drugs when purchasing marijuana and if Valium was taken with marijuana, it could cause a coma or death.

We already have a drug overdose epidemic in this country, do we really need another gateway to drugs?

Marijuana, like alcohol, impairs your decision-making a lot longer than alcohol does.

The so-called experts who are pushing for the legalization have no idea of the long-term effects, or do they have a quick test for the amount of marijuana in your system like they do for alcohol, but they are working on it.

If it is legalized and it remains in your system for weeks, what liability does that put on employers?

Ferguson asked what is the meaning of liberty?

The main answer was “Doing what you wish without harming others.”

Another question was what should the government’s role be?

Some said, “to protect the people — like our state governor and federal government did during the epidemic when they shut down businesses, churches and destroyed lives?” So much for freedom.

Ferguson’s real question is how can he as our representative help draft a bill if marijuana is legalized this year or next year?

What should the penalty be operating equipment or vehicles under the influence of marijuana?

What should the penalty be for harming others if under the influence of marijuana?

One individual at the meeting was right when he said communism is behind this and everything else happening to destroy this country and for communism to work it first must destroy our family units and our religion.

We were warned in the 1960s communism would destroy us from within and now there’s no difference between progressives, socialists and communists, and they have infiltrated our colleges, our government and are working their way into every facet of our lives.

The only way they can be defeated is from the local communities up.

As Ferguson said, “We the people are still in control.”

Chuck White



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