A chance to speak up

To the editor

Finally, it’s over. After 10 years of trying to resurrect a poorly planned idea, the Steubenville Diocese has made the decision to stop renovation of the cathedral. I salute any and all parishioners who have tried to advocate this decision change over the years.

Now what do we do? In 1944 Pope Pius XII directed the Steubenville Diocese to be formed. The diocese began here, many priests have been ordained here as well as the establishment of a Catholic university in this diocese.

Sitting on the site of the first Catholic church in Steubenville, St. Peter’s should be the one and only choice for our new cathedral. It is a historic site and should be maintained. It is in the center of the city where there is always activity taking place: At the public schools and the city downtown events. It also is in an area that future geographic changes can be made. I am sure that it is in need of repair, but in these past 10 years, we have unsuccessfully invested millions into a poorly-thought-out idea. Let’s now make a smart financial decision for a perfect solution.

The liturgical changes that may have to occur should not stop the church community from such an honor that would be afforded the St. Peter parish. This is a chance for all members of the diocese to speak up and for the parishioners of Steubenville to let their voices be heard.

Becky Salvino

Member of Holy Family Church



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