Time for GOP to fight back

To the editor:

Sen. Rand Paul has asked Biden administration whistleblowers to come forward, citing authority and civil rights overreaches.

I doubt many will. Liberal Democrats are among the stupidest creatures alive — blindly loyal hive-minds. For example, energy industry workers vigorously supporting a party openly pledging to put them out of work, and pro-life, Catholic Democrats.

Joe Biden-Kamela Harris is probably the least-admired team of corrupt globalist stooges in the entirety of the American political machine.

Immoral old Joe meanders embarrassingly through speeches, yells at reporters like the crazy old guy hollering at you to get off his lawn and apparently soiled himself during his recent meeting with the pope. Charming.

Biden, the “most popular president in American history,” currently enjoys a 38 percent popularity rating.

Harris, whenever she can be found, giggles like a lunatic every time she’s asked anything tougher than Nerf ball questions. Her 28 percent is unsurprising, considering she was the absolute least-popular candidate in the primaries and the first to withdraw.

Republicans should be exploiting this, shamelessly, like Democrats at a school shooting.

I’ve been informed by a fellow Republican that I am a typical modern Republican: I tend to be mean in my politics.

Yes, I’m passionate. The Republicans, according to this person, have, over the years, been mean.

As a longtime observer of American politics, however, I suggest that Republicans haven’t been mean enough.

Witness our present situation — the result of decades of not fighting hard enough. Also, of the emergence of the “RINO” Republicans, effete, often country-club types, so ineffectually useless as Republicans, they might as well be Democrats.

My grumbler was a typical, reserved conservative, who said Republicans should always be dignified and adults. Take the high road, play nice, never make too much of a fuss. About anything.

I once asked a local candidate if they were attending a rally sponsored by our county GOP. They replied, “I’m not really a rally kind of person.” Typical.

Conservative Republicans, generally, aren’t activists. It’s uncouth to make noise, to actually stand for something. Such enthusiasm might turn people off.

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard “we don’t wanna turn anybody off,” I’d have a lot of dimes.

Unabashed rightwing patriots, like me; we’re the embarrassing loudmouths, but we get stuff done.

In the period leading up to the Civil War there were bitter arguments, even fistfights, in Congress. Where’s this passion now, when we’re trying to preserve not just the union, but the American Republic, itself?

Across decades of endlessly playing nice — with people who haven’t afforded us the same considerations — the mean Republicans have allowed America to be pushed downfield, to where we’re at inches and goal, our backsides in the end zone.

The game has gone so well for the treasonous globalist Democrats, they can afford to play third-string benchwarmers Biden and Harris, to put it over the line.

Will Republicans play nice? Or will we, at last, truly fight back?

Or has traitorous globalism infested the GOP, also?

Rob Denham



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