Reflect on Christian values

To the editor:

The past letter that Barry Bardone wrote Nov. 14 (“Should we believe Biden?”) kind of made me pity him and the women that have to put up with him.

Letters from him that constantly degrade women, calling them names, suggesting they commit suicide (that in my opinion this paper should have edited out) and other examples, are getting old. I did laugh when the question was raised as to why women’s golf needs to be in the papers. I guess he can’t handle seeing our names in the paper. The writer’s self-esteem is so low that he has to retaliate by degrading women because of their accomplishments and his incompetence. Apparently, all of these years of writing letters that demonstrate hatred are getting to him. Or maybe he’s losing his marbles, monsters from “The X Files” have sucked up his brains, he’s just frustrated with his manhood or he wishes that he was a woman — I don’t know. It appears to be an obsession that is beyond normal.

He and others who claim Christian values seem to be out of whack. They seem to pick and choose what they feel is right and wrong and that everyone should think the same as them. News flash — we are all human beings and very different which is a good thing. It’s not very Christian to judge people because they aren’t like you.

Maybe if all these Christians would find a charity like the Friendship Room to help, buy Christmas gifts for children they don’t know, help the less fortunate, help their neighbor or stranger and quit judging others instead of writing disgusting, mean, hateful letters every week, they might feel better about themselves.

May this upcoming Christian holiday of Christmas give you time to reflect on what you could do better in the coming year and to treat others as you would want them to treat you.

Linda Caputo



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