Don’t approve SWN application

To the editor:

Irene and I are opposed to SWN Production’s application to place an oil and gas well pad on the Brownlee land behind the Rue21 distribution center in Brooke County.

Fracking causes air pollution and unhealthy levels of smog and air contaminants. This pollution can cause eye, nose and throat irritation; respiratory illness; central nervous system damage; birth defects; and cancer.

In Pennsylvania, only 12 percent of the wells are checked for safety.

The oversized heavy fracking trucks will not only cause congestion in the area but will destroy the roads and any future development in that vicinity. A large portion of the Weirton water supply is located in the proximity of the fracking site.

This fracking location would be the only location in West Virginia located within city limits. It is located too close to the homes and businesses for the health and safety of the residents.

In closing, we ask the state Department of Environmental Protection to please don’t approve SWN’s application to destroy our health and our property.

Dr. Louis Anetakis



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