Biden, Pelosi on slippery slope

To the editor:

The Biden-Pelosi duo, Catholics only for political advantage, work to outlaw every sense of right and wrong in favor of secular relativism and to advancement of a post-Christian society, the idolatrous worship of self. Designating certain humans as insignificant, both defiantly reject the infinite value of God-given life in the womb and work diligently to overturn the permanently valid apostolic teaching of 2,000 years.

When receiving medicinal correction from Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Nancy Pelosi responded in arrogant disobedience, with a snide remark of having been given free will. Evidently “democratic in name, not always in fact” (St. John Paul II, “Sign of Contradiction”), Pelosi wants to deny that same free will to those who oppose the murder of innocents, forcing the whole population to pay for abortions though taxation. Yes, we are given free will to choose life or death, morality or inherent evil, and her choice seems obvious.

Showing that this devotion is to the lies of Planned Parenthood in preference to the truth of biological science or the non-negotiable doctrine the church he claims to follow, the occupant of the Oval Office has stated that he does not believe that life begins at the moment of conception. Thus, the gentleman will use any lame excuse to try to justify his unrepentant apostasy. His stated belief is no less than culpable ignorance, since it can be refuted by any cursive reading of Webster’s magical book of definitions.

“Life is that property of plants and animals which makes it possible for them to take food, get energy from it, grow and adapt themselves to their surroundings.” (Webster’s dictionary.) Even in elementary biology, one sees that the cell formed by the union of the ovum and sperm, the zygote stage of development, is a cell containing human DNA and develops and matures, actions which cannot occur in inanimate nature.

Summing up the teachings of the Catholic church, “A human being begins as a submicroscopic speck, and by the human principle of life, which God gives it, develops all its organs and bones and nerves and gradually develops into a grown man.” (Mary Perkins Ryan, “Christ and the Church.)

Ed Bednar



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