Petrella right for Wintersville

To the editor:

Mike Petrella is the right choice for mayor of Wintersville.

I have owned and operated several family businesses in Wintersville for many decades and still invest and own real estate in the village. I write this asking you to vote for Mike Petrella. Mike knows by creating opportunities and growing employment you can provide the best services to the citizens without ever increasing taxes, which is why Petrella has said for months that keeping the RITA tax at only 1 percent is an advantage Wintersville has to attract employers and jobs.

Wintersville has the opportunity to vote for a leader who’s personal and professional successes speak for themselves. Petrella donates his time and resources to many good causes and only wants to see the village open new businesses and create opportunity for more successful entrepreneurs to call Wintersville their home.

I have known Mike and his family for years. His mom, Anita Petrella, has worked hard since she was a teenager. Before retiring from the post office, she had climbed her way up the ranks to become the first female postmaster of Wintersville. She still works fulltime and works in the family’s restaurant in Wintersville every weekend with Mike.

Petrella has lived in Wintersville for years with his wife, my niece, Emily, who works full time for Cedar One Properties right in Wintersville. They plan to grow their family in Wintersville and want nothing more than to see the village prosper. I know from his business endeavors Mike is always upfront and works to find solutions to any obstacle that may arise. If we don’t change our thinking and our actions, we will never see real change in society.

Wintersville is a great village, and under Mike Petrella as mayor, I know it will thrive.

Carey Canella



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