Permission needed to place signs

To the editor:

I am writing this letter today to correct the record for the way the current mayor of Wintersville, Robbie Martin, has spun a story to make himself appear victimized by his opponent and his opponent’s supporters over such a trivial topic as yard signs. Martin is claiming that his signs have been vandalized, damaged and stolen.

I can tell you that part of the problem with signs is that they were and are still being placed on private property without permission from the property owner. As one of the many property owners, we’re asking candidates to please stop placing signs on our private property without first asking for permission. Also, once your sign has legally been removed from private property, please quit taking it upon yourself to just put another sign back in its place. I know of several property owners who did not give permission and have legally removed signs from their property. We’re asking to please respect our property.

In a society that has less and less regard for other people’s property and even public property, please step up and lead. Your campaign claims “experience and leadership” yet your actions show a different story. Please stop placing signs where they are not permitted!

Citizens of Wintersville, on Nov. 2, I ask you to please vote for a true leader, Mike Petrella.

Derek Ferguson



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