Martin dedicated to Wintersville

To the editor:

This is in response to Commissioner Tony Morelli’s endorsement of Mike Petrella, “Petrella right for Wintersville” (Sept. 26) He questioned the manner our village has been managed under Mayor Bob Gale and his administration. He believes Petrella has the answers to “our problems.”

Building my home in 1978, I have seen some very poor administrations in our village. There was a time, during inclement weather, in order to get to work, I needed to park at the Kroger lot and walk to my home in the subdivision. That’s how poor our snow removal was. When Gale came into office, things changed.

He and his administration, including Robert Martin, worked well together. The police department keeps us safe, and fire and rescue are second to none. Our maintenance department showed what they are capable of during winter storms. Gale has done an excellent job.

The writer said Petrella had new ideas to improve our village. Why didn’t he challenge Gale and expose his shortcomings with these “new ideas?” Martin was part of Gale’s administration. I believe he will carry on his work. Martin will do a fine job as mayor. We can expect the same services. We don’t need political party influence in our village.

Now, signs are being damaged. Martin’s pool has been damaged and there was a loss of 6,000 gallons of water. Why … over a local mayoral race? Would this have happened if political party influence didn’t enter into it? Does this mean we who support candidates other than those endorsed by the party must fear property damage? I trust our police department will put an end to this nonsense.

Village residents, don’t be fooled with political promises. You as well as I know their value. Our village administration has done an excellent job. Robert Martin’s dedication to Wintersville has earned our support.

Robert R. DeFrank



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