Mark Miller highly qualified

To the editor:

During the Nov. 2 election, residents of the Buckeye Local School District have a unique opportunity to elect a highly qualified candidate. This candidate’s name is Mark Miller. He is a candidate who does not have an agenda. A candidate who has more than 27 years of educational experience as a classroom teacher and administrator. A candidate that can be trusted to have the courage to lead our district.

Teaching is a difficult job, but truly rewarding. As a lifelong educator Miller has worked to help all students throughout the district. Students were not given preferential treatment because of their name or where they lived. He not only learned their names, but also their families and where they lived. He traveled throughout the district to attend various community events and actively worked to become part of each community.

Mark Miller is well respected in the community and has dedicated his life to his trade. He believes all students can learn, and all staff can be successful if given the proper tools necessary. I believe, if elected, Miller will begin immediately to help all students as they progress on their journey to adulthood.

On Nov. 2, remember TLC and vote for Mark Miller for school board.

John Gebhard



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