Genetic research, COVID-19 and more

To the editor:

It is not that science cannot be trusted in its search for new frontiers, because rightly and justifiably, there always will be a new frontier to be explored for the good of humanity and science itself.

The problem, from Germany’s attempt at creating a blonde-haired, blue-eyed super Aryan race to Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, is who is doing the experimentation that might make the outcome dangerous.

Super intelligent people create super intelligent monsters. Hopefully, was can eradicate all the ridiculous TV buffoons who are denying the efficacy of wearing masks and get the vaccine. Herd immunity is a must.

Maybe COVID-19 is a shift in nature to teach the world a lesson. It’s a virus, a disease. What’s one to do with the next virus that comes along? And, there will be more.

Steve Kopa



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