Biden never brightest bulb

To the editor:

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “Pyrrhic victory” thusly:

“A victory costing so dearly, it is equivalent to a defeat.”

For those undiscerning souls whose vote for Jo(k)e Biden was less a vote for the Democrats, and more a vote against Trump, this last year has been a Pyrrhic victory.

At best.

Are things better now than at this time, say, two years ago? With a derisive chuckle, I say no. I will not waste time here, itemizing the myriad failures of the Biden administration. All one must do is look around, to see … aw, what the heck?

Prices are rising; the border’s a humanitarian catastrophe and crisis of unchecked immigration; shortages of certain crucial goods — the list goes on.

Let’s not forget that while Biden chides Americans for COVID skepticism and tries — unconstitutionally — to mandate vaccination, untold numbers of unvaccinated Third World illegal immigrants pour across our open border daily, happily welcomed by progressives — the very people who otherwise cower in COVID fear.

Even the Democrat-biased media that worked tirelessly against Trump and openly supported Biden and the increasingly-authoritarian Democrats, is beginning to taste the bitter ashes of their self-immolation. Petulant condemnations of “a lack of Administration transparency” are beginning to be voiced among the liberal media hacks.

Biden staffers have admitted to muting his speeches, finding his mumbling, stumbling delivery embarrassing. They give him the pictures of which (so-called) journalists to call on, in the few briefings they allow him to personally attend. He still screws it up. Then leaves, without taking questions. I hope the media are perceiving the amusing irony of their complaints, but I doubt it.

Doubtless, our enemies perceive the weak impotence of our inept, divisive government.

Biden was never the brightest bulb, nor the most upright angel. His 1988 presidential campaign, back when newspeople were still somewhat more objective, was killed by a plagiarism scandal. Corruption and malfeasance have been hallmarks of his, since the earliest days of his public service. The well-regarded, late New York Sen. Daniel Moynihan is attributed as saying Biden was one of the most openly dishonest members of the Senate. “He did everything but hang a ‘for sale’ sign on his office door.”

But I’ll say, if you think Biden is making any decisions or approving any policies, you’re as cognitively debilitated as he is. A vote for Joseph Biden was a vote for a corrupt, bought-and-sold puppet. A scapegoat, who’ll be left out in the rain by his handlers, as soon as it’s convenient.

But amid all this, remember:

The Biden administration shamelessly abandoned hundreds of American citizens to their fate in Afghanistan, along with almost $100 billion worth of weaponry and supplies and classified information. When heroic Americans nobly stepped up to do what the ignoble Biden administration would not, attempting to rescue said abandoned Americans, Biden’s humiliated state department made underhanded arrangements with other nations, to deny them a place to land or take off.

Biden voters will forever share this shabby failure with their favorite candidate.

Rob Denham



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