Attempting to remake Catholicism

To the editor:

Encouraged by the arrogant boldness of the current administration, the majority of the self-described Catholic politicians of the Democrats show a tendency to use force of government to attempt a remake of Catholicism in the image of Biden-Pelosi, who proclaim the faith while practicing its antithesis, even removing the mention of God in the Pledge of Allegiance.

While they, their progressive sycophants in the major media and followers in the non-practicing Catholic laity grant them the appellation of devout Catholics, they all mistakenly use the wrong adjective. More appropriate adjectives are apostate, unfaithful and the prefix anti. This duo amply proves the axiom “political authority, ordained by God to preserve justice and peace can become an instrument of terror and oppression.” (Shirley C. Guthrie: “Christian Doctrine.”)

This administration already has removed the right of conscience protection from all medical personnel, plans on suing the Little Sisters of the Poor to make them violate their First Amendment rights and faithful protection of the helpless. By their fiat, the Hyde Amendment is to be negated and taxpayer money used to support Planned Parenthood. The misnamed Women’s Health Care Act of 2021 will guarantee expansion of the murder of the innocent while canceling all laws passed by individual states to protect the right to life of unborn children.

In their drive to outlaw Christian virtue in favor of the vice and militant secular relativism, the actions which they wish to accomplish are inconsistent with the Gospel they claim to follow, committing the mortal sin of direct scandal, defined as the deliberate intention to reduce another to sin, promoting an ideology that is less of the basilica and more the basilisk, the enemy of humanity and the engineer of expulsion from Eden.

Ed Bednar



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