Some Biden accomplishments

To the editor:

Joe Biden has been president for seven months. What has the Biden administration accomplished in those months?

I discussed immigration in a previous letter. The border crisis at our southern border has continued to escalate. Many of those migrants have communicable diseases including COVID. No wonder the number of cases of COVID has increased in southern border states. Migrants have destroyed residents’ property. The cartel has increased the smuggling of Fentanyl leading to increased incidents of Fentanyl overdoses and deaths. The government has lost track of many of these illegal migrants, including unaccompanied minors.

Many of us watched in horror at the surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban. American citizens, Afghans who worked with Americans, billions of dollars of military equipment, and service dogs were left behind. Thirteen of our military were killed at Kabul airport, trying to assist people to leave. Now there are concerns about the Afghans who have been evacuated. Most of them do not speak English, which means that they did not work with the Americans. Questions have been asked about how these people are being vetted. Four leaders in the new Taliban government were prisoners that Obama traded for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Can we trust the Taliban government? Are we allowing future terrorists to live in our country? When will all the Americans and their helpers be brought to freedom?

Biden claimed that he was responsible for the vaccines, which were developed and distribution started during President Trump’s administration. Biden’s attempts to increase the number of people receiving the vaccine failed miserably. Calling someone “stupid” for not wanting a vaccine is not the way to encourage vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has failed miserably to live up to their name. Their guidance for school children came from one of the teacher’s unions. The CDC has developed a “Guide for Inclusive Communication.” What about research on COVID? They are one of the premier research centers in our country and we have 18 months of data from thousands of persons who contracted COVID. They should be collecting and analyzing that data and reporting the findings in an attempt to improve the management of COVID.

The economy has not improved. The extra unemployment money which has recently ended has led to many job openings. Employers have increased wages and offered signing bonuses to no avail. Inflation has caused prices of everything to increase. Everyone talks about the price of groceries, gasoline and other goods. Add inflation to the problems with employment, and it leads to a disastrous economy.

A recent AP article published in the Herald-Star had the headline that “Biden looks to get agenda on track.” As you read the article you find out that his “agenda” is to pass bills that will lead to more taxes on the middle class. Biden now claims that we must confront the existential threat of climate change. When is Biden going to confront the actual crises that he and his administration have caused?

Michalene King



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