Investigation needed

To the editor:

The lead inspector general, Sean O’Donnell, presented a report to Congress covering April 1 to June 30 concerning Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. In the report, former President Trump made an agreement with the Taliban for a U.S. withdrawal along with other NATO powers from Afghanistan on May 1, with stipulations if the terms were not followed the agreement would not stand.

In the executive summary of the report, it states that the Taliban were increasing attacks in all regions of Afghanistan — voiding the agreement. The report also said that all Americans, allies, Afghan interpreters and special immigrant visa holders, along with equipment, was to be totally removed.

On April 14, Biden said the U.S. forces would begin their final withdrawal on May 1 and plan to complete the withdrawal by Sept. 11. From April 14 to Aug. 14, a span of four months, nothing was done concerning the evacuation of souls and military equipment.

The sign of this gross incompetence came to a head for all the world to see on Aug. 28 when a suicide bomber attacked Kabul airport, leaving 18 U.S. soldiers wounded and 60 Afghan and 13 U.S. soldiers dead: Johanny Pichardo (25), Nicole Gee (23), Darin Hoover (31), Hunter Lopez (22), Daegan Page (23), Humberto Sanchez (22), David Espinoza (20), Jared Schmitz (20), Rylee McCollum (20), Dylan Merola (20), Kareem Nikoui (20), Maxton Soviak (22) and Ryan Knauss (23).

The American people have not received an honest count of people abandoned in Kabul, after Aug. 30 by our government. It is former soldiers and organizations fulfilling the mission to leave no one behind, and they have been receiving roadblocks on getting these people out from our government. It is apparent that there was no exit plan in place.

After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the United States began the war on terror. The war was raged against Isis, al-Qaida and the Taliban across a span of 20 years. On Aug. 15, Kabul was taken by the Taliban. On Aug. 16 the U.S. began transporting staff from the U.S. Embassy. Thousands rushed to leave the country as Taliban flags were flown in Kabul. Our government officials gave the Taliban a list of eligible evacuees. What kind of leadership gives the enemy a list of names? How evil are they?

This all lies with: Lloyd Austin, Department of Defense; Gen. Mark Milley, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Samantha Power, U.S. Agency for International Development; Antony Blinken, State Department; Jake Sullivan, national security adviser; Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden.

Many are calling for an apology or Biden to resign. No. They all need to stand trial for giving aid and comfort to a national enemy in such a way that the help amounts to treason, and dereliction of duty, the shameful failure to fulfill one’s obligations and fraud — lying to the American people about the situation which continues to this day.

No actions or business in Congress should be done until this matter is fully investigated.

Merica Petrella



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